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Ladder of Success

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Ladder of Success

Tara whines some more about how much pressure she is under. Dan gives her some last-minute advice. In an interview, Tara explains again that they only way that she and Dan can be eliminated is if she doesn't complete the race. Theo tells Hollywick that they have nothing to lose, because they are so far ahead that even if they don't complete the race, they will still make the Inner Circle. Tara voice-overs that she has "everything to lose" and she's "scared out of [her] mind right now." Okay, we got it! Start the race, for crying out loud. Mark tells them to prepare to climb, and we go to commercial.

In an interview, Josh says that his focus is on Tara and Dan, because if they don't make it, he will be in the Inner Circle. Hollywick, Tara, and Emily start climbing. In an interview, Josh says that he's still cheering Tara on because she's his friend. In an interview, Dan explains fucking once again that he and Tara can only be eliminated if they fail to complete the mission and get a zero. Everyone got that, now? Jesus. In an interview, Tara says that all she cared about was getting down and up the ladder, and that Hollywick and Emily zoomed by her. Hollywick's freakily long legs come in handy once again. Mike can't believe how quickly Hollywick finished. Hollywick gets a time of 3:20. Everyone applauds. Emily finishes in 4:20, and pot smokers of the world giggle. More than usual. Tara gingerly makes her way up the ladder and finishes with a time of 6:21. She gets a big hug from Dan. In an interview, Tara says that she's very proud of herself for finally getting something right.

Timmy, Dan, and Theo suit up. Wouldn't it be funny if, after all that drama about Tara finishing, Dan fell off the ladder and lost it for them? Maybe it's just me. Theo wonders where he's going to put the flag. I've got a couple of suggestions, but frankly I'd be happiest if he put it in his mouth so that he would shut up for a while. Hollywick advises him to avoid dropping it. Thanks, Queen of the Obvious. Hollywick yells out advice to Theo. In an interview, Theo says that hearing the waves "kind of makes you feel your nerves crashing against your skin." I thought I told him to shut up for a while. Theo grabs the flag. In an interview, Theo wears the Blue Cheek Star of Evil as he says, "I'm rocking on this ladder. I don't even know this ladder, and I'm doing so good." Well, I'm sorry that he and the ladder were not properly introduced. Dan stuffs the flag in his shirt, which seems smarter to me than holding it in your mouth. Theo finishes with a time of 3:01. Dan finishes with a time of 3:10 as Tara asks rhetorically if she could have a better teammate. Tara gives Dan a big hug. In an interview, Dan says that he and Tara completed the mission, so they know that they will be in the Inner Circle, and he's happy that he will be there for the rest of the trip. Timmy takes it slow, since there's no reason for him to rush, and finishes with a time of 5:25.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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