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Ladder of Success

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Ladder of Success

Next up are Becky and Holly Not Wick. In an interview, Holly Not Wick says that she and Josh have nothing to lose, and they decided before the competition that they were going to leave everything out there. Holly Not Wick tends to speak in sports clichés a lot, doesn't she? Holly Not Wick and Josh discuss how they only feel good pressure. Becky stretches out. In an interview, Becky says that she and Norm are in fourth place, so they need to do well in this competition to avoid being eliminated. They start climbing. Holly Not Wick books down the ladder, while Becky...not so much. In an interview, Becky says that she was a quarter of the way down the ladder and she heard the RR team cheering for Holly Not Wick because she had grabbed the flag. Becky couldn't believe that Holly Not Wick was all the way to the bottom already. Holly Not Wick slips and loses her footing, but it doesn't slow her down much. Becky grabs the flag and starts back up. Holly Not Wick gets a time of 3:40 and then gives Josh some advice on climbing. Becky ends up with a time of 5:57, and comments that it was really hard.

In an interview, Norm says that he's going to have to "overcompensate" for Becky, and race like a (here he makes a little gesture but you know he wanted to say "motherfucker") and go as fast as he can. Yeah, Becky's time pretty much puts them out of the competition unless Norm can somehow get a time well under three minutes, which no one has been able to do thus far. Josh and Norm start climbing. Josh struggles with the ladder. In an interview, Josh says that as he was climbing down, he realized that he would have to throw all of his strategy out the window and just go as fast as he could. Josh has a lot of trouble with the ladder, nearly falling off numerous times. Josh voice-overs, "This rope ladder hates me. It hates my mom. It hates my world. It hates my family." I would trade three Theos for one Josh when it comes to quirky sayings. Josh dives up the ladder and somehow doesn't fall off. Theo yells out, "Run, donkey!" Josh finally fights to the top of the ladder for a time of 3:14. Various contestants tell him that he's an animal and Josh yells out, "I'm an animal!" Maybe that's why Theo called him a donkey. Norm finishes with a time of 3:42 and gives Josh a high-five. Josh and Holly's combined score is 6:54 and Norm and Becky's is 9:39. Ouch. In an interview, Josh says that they are still in it, and that there's a chance that they could win the ski package. And, if Tara screws up, they might make the Inner Circle. A graphic informs us that Josh and Holly are currently in first place and at first I was like, "Duh!" because they are the only RR team who has competed at this point, but then I realized that they meant first place overall. So I'm the dumb one.

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