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Kicking Ace

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Kicking Ace

Swimming. Supply-collecting. Hapless attempts at fire-starting. Both teams finally figure out that they should rub steel wool on a battery to get some sparks going, but although Danny suggests it to the Bad Asses first, it's the Good Guys who get it going and win the Challenge, thanks to Ace. While Danny stomps around pissily post-loss, Ev interviews that Danny's "leadership" is more like bossiness that doesn't work.

Inferno deliberations. The alleged strategies in play here are always kind of obscure to me, divorced as they often are from reason and sense, but the upshot is that the BAs are picking to win the Inferno, while the GGs are picking to win the whole shooting match by taking out a strong BA guy. So, the BAs pick Davis, because he seems easy to beat, and the GGs pick Danny, because it will leave a power vacuum at the top. Nobody listens to Danny, and the team hasn't won dick since like the first episode, so I don't know why you don't send someone less obviously ineffectual, but whatever, that's the play.

Danny is pissed because he thinks the GGs think he's not a threat; he isn't, but the GGs don't think of it that way, which Ace tries to tell Danny, but Danny isn't buying it.

Ace and Susie patch it up. Ace admits he probably had a whap coming because he's "not very good of a singer," and he pronounces it "sing-ger," which is cute. ... Oh, leave me alone. He'll be gone soon, he always is.

Meanwhile, Danny is insecure some more to Johnny Bananas while shoving some kind of meat-stew-looking chunks of something or other into his roidhole and talking with his mouth full. Bananas looks bored while VOing that Danny is admitting defeat before he even gets into the Inferno with that attitude. Shut up, Danny.

Next week, Danny is calm and gracious. ... Obviously not. Danny is a pissy drama queen about not wanting to lose anymore. The teams flail around on a climbing wall. Aneesa looks dumbfounded by something.

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