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The "Previously On" segments are dispensed with this week, so that we can hop right into the plot, such as it is. Kat addresses her teammates on their bus, saying that the other team is expecting a mission today, so if they get something by 7:00 or 8:00, it won't seem fishy. David tells us that we have "six kids that are losing dough" and they want to "exact some unconscious [sic] revenge on the other team by playing a sick joke on them." So are they going to knock the other team unconscious? Or are they going to plan the joke while unconscious themselves? I guess we'll have to watch and see. Teck tells us they are playing a prank on the Road Rules team by planning "a fake mission." Heather serves as secretary while the rest of the team shouts out suggestions. Annoying's challenge is to "make somebody say without telling them to say it 'A hot dog makes me lose control.'" I think Annoying should join forces with Wonder Bread, her fellow Hawaii castmate, to write screenplays, because she just doesn't stop with the funny ideas. Except that they're not funny, and Wonder Bread sucks too. Kat's challenge is to find two people, male and female, and get them to do ten naked jumping jacks. Kat also thinks they should have to find "an old lady" and give her a pedicure, but Teck suggests it would be funnier if it were an old man. Hey, I know! Then they should have the men dress in drag, because that's comedy gold! Gold, Jerry! Gold! Sorry. I just find these "jokes" so incredibly lame. I'm not saying I could come up with better ones, but then again, that's why I'm not trying to create a prank on national television. Annoying suggests the stipulation that all team members have to be present for each challenge. Teck says the prize should be a box full of suckers and then they open it up and it says "Suckers!" Seriously, I saw better gags at my parent's 25th anniversary party. Heather says they are "about to ruin their hang-out night."

Veronica is cleaning the bus while wearing a bikini top and the camera accidentally gets a shot of her cleavage. Except it is in no way, shape, or form, an accident on the cameraperson's part, I'm sure. Holly is helping her clean. Veronica tells us they "rock as a team." Los tells us (in the same clip used a few weeks ago) that he hasn't "made that common connection" with his teammates. Veronica tells Los (who is just sitting there, like don't get up and help them clean or anything) that they are supposed to do "research for E*Trade today," and that marks the second time they have even mentioned that part of the missions this season. Los does a really fake laugh and asks why they want to do that. Veronica says they are supposed to. Los tells us that they don't get along and that's fine. Veronica walks up and sticks a flower under Los' nose and tells him to smell it, which is kind of an annoying thing to do. Los gives it a sniff and proclaims it "dead." Veronica tells us that the problem with Los is that they are all getting fed up "with his behavior, with his attitude, with his selfishness and with his consistent rude behavior toward people." Holly asks Los what he's playing on the laptop and Los replies (with his mouth full), "I'm not playing nothing." Holly tells us that Los has never made an attempt to be friendly, and she has tried many times to break through to him or just carry on a conversation and she gets nothing. Piggy asks Los if he has the time. Los looks at his watch and says, "Yep." Piggy rolls her eyes and asks if he wants to share it with her. Los says, "Yep," but makes no move to do so. Yes looks disgusted. Piggy walks away and tells Los to antagonize someone else. The music is really loud and full of conflict, in case you didn't understand that everyone hates Los. Los just got a new nickname. Los-er. It doesn't really work if you say it out loud, but it works in writing.

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