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I'm A Los-er, Baby, So Why Don't You Kill Me

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I'm A Los-er, Baby, So Why Don't You Kill Me

Before the show started, there was one of those vague "10 Spot" commercials which featured the date June 12th. Is that the premiere date for the new season of Real World? Time will tell, but I just thought I would throw that out there.

Previously on Challenge 2000: Annoying had an existential crisis over bobbing for pigs' feet, since it's against her religion and all. Although, she had no problem consuming sausage or shellfish. Heather wondered why Annoying cries in every mission. Veronica was forced to apologize to Los-er so that the Road Rules team could finish their fake mission, but Los-er gave her a hard time about it anyway, because he's a giant ass.

Los-er and Piggy are sitting in a restaurant, and Los-er says they need to get a dictionary for Scrabble. Even though they haven't addressed it on the show, the production notes revealed a while back that some of the cast members have been passing time on the bus playing Scrabble. I just thought you should know, since that seemed totally out of the blue. Anyway, Los-er wants a dictionary because he claims that Piggy uses "English words" in the game. I'm assuming he means "British words," unless they are playing Scrabble in German or something. Los-er goes on to say that he should be allowed to use "Ebonic words" because "it's like a hybrid language -- it's like a Creole, man." I think that maybe they should just spend the $5 for a Scrabble dictionary. In an interview, Los-er tells us that he's "not a closet racist" but instead a "straight-up, straight-out racist." While I don't doubt the veracity of that statement, it was totally taken out of context, and I would like to hear what else he said in that particular interview, because obviously that statement needs some further explanation. Piggy tells us that she and Los-er have been having a running argument about "who's blackest, basically." Back at the restaurant, Los-er suggests they play by "ghetto rules" and I don't even want to guess what that means. Piggy tells him he'll need to play with someone else then. Then they stare at each other real hard. In case you didn't get it from the multiple clips they've shown of Piggy saying how much she'd like to hit Los-er, the confrontational music they played on the soundtrack during the scene, or even the actual words they spoke, Piggy and Los-er don't get along. I just thought I would fill you in, since clearly the producers think we viewers are somehow mentally deficient and need all the help we can get. Thanks, guys!

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