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Carpe Diem
d thinks he made the statement that he's not goofing around. Derek promises that the next time we see him, he's going to be a better climber. Good for him.

Push Over time. Brit says that Diem has her game face on and she means business. Brad says that it's going to be a great battle. Diem pushes Jenn off and gets the first point. Rachel can't watch because she's going to be sick. I gotta give little Diem credit, she takes Jenn down! Rachel thinks that it was hard for Jenn because everyone was gunning for her. Really? It seemed like Jenn was the one gunning for other people. Diem is so proud of herself for showing everyone what she was made of and hopes that people won't call her out anymore. Rachel says she and Jenn had fun together, but they live across the country from each other so the romance probably won't be anything outside of the game. Aneesa basically says this as well, just slightly bitchier. Jenn interviews that she'll really miss Rachel. She looks like she's going to cry. Do you think no one told her it was just a game fling?

Back at the house, Rachel says that she lost her girl, but she can focus on the game better now. Evan's prepared to fight it out for a spot in the finals. While he does this, he sort of sniffs his underarms. Oh, Evan. Aneesa tells Rachel that she has feelings and doesn't like that Rachel ignores her, and that basically she doesn't think she can trust her. Aneesa knows the only way to stick around is to win challenges or win duels. Seems pretty simple.

Next time: Tori gives Brad the ring back and there's a lot of crying and Diem has another height induced panic attack.

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