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Previously on Inferno 3: poor, dim, teeny Derrick got voted into the Inferno at the last possible moment, just like how it's gone down for him on almost every Challenge he's participated in. Derrick's message to the Good Guys? "Fuck you!" Aw. Poor little guy.

Derrick and Ev talk about how his ass is on the line. He re-hashes how he was eliminated on the next-to-last challenge on both Fresh Meat and Gauntlet 2. Ev doesn't want to lose him because he's such a strong competitor. He says by winning either the Life Shield or the Inferno and making it to the final challenge, he can prove to himself that he's not a loser. See, this is the kind of thing that makes me feel bad for Derrick where I wouldn't feel bad for the other ones. Derrick honestly seems like he puts a great deal of his own self-worth into these Challenges. Which is pathetic, sure, but he's not a bad person. It's just that his priorities are seriously fucked. He looks like he could use a hug, and also possibly a film strip on self-esteem.

Davis, meanwhile, hopes he makes it to the final challenge, and I think he's performed well enough throughout that he deserves to be. I'm suddenly horrified to find that I don't want either of these guys to lose. And neither do I want Ace, Kenny, or Johnny to lose. How did I get this late into a season and not hate hardly any of the guys? This seriously never happens.

Kenny, meanwhile, gets the clue for the next challenge (something with a pun on the word "reel") and hams it up like crazy. He talks to the GG guys about wanting to make it to the end. He also says that he only lost the Fresh Meat finale because he had Tina the "loudmouth fat girl who couldn't do puzzles" on his team, and I officially don't approve of that. Any girl who punches Beth in the face is a friend of mine.

The challenge -- and I wouldn't lie to you -- involves the guys using fishing poles to reel in the females from the opposite team. Wow, that's metaphortastic! I hear Tonya practically jumps into the boat. The girls get a 30-second head start, and the guys have a 30-minute time limit to reel the girls in, though Paula interviews that nobody thinks any of the girls can hold out that long. And since I may have been born yesterday, but I also learned the definition of "foreshadowing" this morning, I kind of suspect Paula may be proven wrong here. Oh, and look: Kenny just made the same joke I did about the chicks jumping in the boat for him. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Kenny's still cute as hell, but he's been trying SO overly hard to be funny as of late. Meanwhile, Ace continues to have tanning issues, and Johnny Bananas is at the point in his little two-week bender where the bloat has begun to overtake his body, so we're once again calling off the Challenge Boyfriend Derby for the week.

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