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Highs and Los

I missed the first few minutes of the episode so I didn't see them get their clue, but does it really matter? If you saw the preview last week, you know that they are going to be wrestling. I did notice that David has some serious scabs on his knuckles as if he punched a wall or something. ["Again?" -- Wing Chun]

Los, Veronica, Piggy and David are sitting at a picnic table. Los and Veronica are arguing because...well, it's difficult to tell why they are arguing, because of the way the scene is edited. As best as I can tell, Los wants everyone to give him money so that he can take a cab somewhere and buy a chess board. Veronica thinks he's crazy. Los tells us that he wants to do "something uplifting" but no one else does. Veronica tells us that "Los is just a cheapskate." Back at the picnic table, Veronica asks Los how much money he has saved up from the allowances they have been given. Los says he has saved $380. Everyone is amazed at that amount, particularly Piggy, who says she has only saved about $26. Veronica points out that Los clearly has enough money to pay for a cab himself. Los says, "You don't get rich by spending money, Boo." You know, I think the allowance they were given is for their daily expenses, not to save up to make a fortune. I mean, obviously they can do with it what they want, but there is something a bit unseemly about Los saving his up and then asking other people for money. Piggy starts yelling at Los, "You have $300! Knock yourself out! Buy it!" Then Piggy gets so upset that she starts squeaking, and dogs across the Tennessee countryside howl in dismay. She finally manages to get out, "Nobody's going to give you any money!" Los says he's not hanging out with them anymore. In true Bunim-Murray tradition, Yes summarizes what we just saw by saying, "As far as the group dynamic goes, [Los] could do without you." I have so missed the practice of showing me a scene, and then having one of the cast members reiterate what we just said, as if we are extremely simple children. Except that I haven't missed it at all.

The buses arrive at a training facility for a company called "Excalibur Productions." You'd think with a name like that, the gang would be working at a Renaissance Fair or something. The teams walk into the building and meet the two men who will be training them for their wrestling matches. Each team goes off with their respective coach. The Real World team coach tells them that the object of wrestling is to not get pinned by your opponent, but to pin them first. I really, really, really wish that David had said, "Wow, thank you for telling me that," but no such luck. The coaches go over the rules -- no kicking, punching, hitting in the groin, pinching, biting, scratching, clawing, ear-pulling or hair-pulling. Jeez, that's how I won every fight I ever had with my brother. Amaya is concerned that she's not allowed to bite, and she grits her teeth as if to show us how she intends to bite someone. The coach asks if they are going to have to put a muzzle on her. Oh sweet Lord, let it be so. Oh, and shut up, Amaya. David tells the coach, "She gets flaky. Why don't you just slam her?" Well, you wouldn't have to ask me twice.

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