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High Voltage

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High Voltage

Previously: Susie sent Jenn home, then foolishly hoped aloud that she'd gotten the Bad Asses off her back by winning the Inferno.

Back at the house, everyone gets drunk, throws one another into the pool, and wrestles on the pool apron. Tonya interviews that, with only two Infernos to go, she needs "to be mentally clear," but instead, she's drinking more.

Inside, the clue arrives; it contains a pun on the word "charged." Abe immediately assumes it's a bull-fighting Challenge, which sounds a lot less dumb when you remember that he hasn't seen the promos for the episode. …"Less dumb." Not "not dumb." Because: dumb. But I will admit that bull-fighting is a much more interesting Challenge than the one we actually see, starting with the mental image of Abram in a toreador outfit. Everyone who has not spent the last five years snacking on lead paint deduces that the Challenge will have something to do with electricity. Tonya interviews that the score is tied right now, so everybody's nervous, and Paula concurs in a separate interview.

The Good Guys have a team meeting to clear the air. Said meeting consists primarily of Cara explaining to Johnny Bananas how he screwed Ace over in the Challenge last week, as if that's her business now somehow. Bananas is like, well, since that's how it is, let's talk about how you basically dicked around deliberately to let Susie win the Life Shield. Sepia-toned flashback to Cara taking her sweet time, Davis expressing suspicions about that, and Cara taking a digger on purpose to run the clock up. Bananas asks if she was going balls to the wall, which of course she wasn't; Cara fully cops to it, saying that every time Susie's up for a Life Shield, Cara doesn't give her best because she wants Susie to win it. Bananas says that's hurting the team; while Cara makes "Colonel Bananas, he craaaaaay-zy" faces, he goes on to say that the guys don't do that. Alton nods in agreement. Quick cuts between the tense faces.

Outside, Abe and Kenny play checkers and discuss who the Good Guys would send into the next guys' Inferno. Abe thinks they'd send Kenny; if it were him, he'd send Kenny. Then he jumps one of Kenny's game pieces. Significant!

Time for the Challenge. It's the Captain's Chair, which goes like this: each team picks a captain from the other team. The captains have to sit in a chair that's wired with electrodes; the teams then have to answer trivia questions, and if they get the answers right, the team gets a point, but if they get them wrong, their team captain gets shocked. Abe says he's sort of psyched to do it, and as my own brain's fuse box totally melts down from Abe-electroshock-therapy-joke choice paralysis, we go to commercial.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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