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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

We hear Mike yelling outside. Elka and Coral lie on beds inside. Elka asks if The Miz is talking to Mike, and Coral confirms that yes, The Miz is talking to Mike. Elka wants to know more about The Miz. No, Elka, you really don't. Coral explains that The Miz is a professional wrestler, very aggressive, and doesn't care what anyone thinks about him. Coral concludes that The Miz is everything that Mike isn't. In an interview, Coral says that usually The Miz is funny, but this time he's really not. Coral tells Elka that she thinks that Mike figured he would be the saving grace of every mission, and it hasn't worked out that way. In an interview, Coral says that Mike's expectations for himself are "so unrealistically high," that when something goes wrong, he tears himself apart.

Mike stands in the bathroom and talks to himself (as The Miz) in the mirror. He can barely stand. He's wearing headphones, and I think most of the nonsense that he is spouting is really just him singing along or quoting lyrics to himself. Mike walks outside and starts stumbling down the road, asking himself if he's slipping away, and chiding himself for losing the mission.

In an interview, Sean says that The Miz is out in full force. Coral walks out to the beach, where Mike is asking himself if he's a winner or a loser. Tara and Elka sit on the porch and listen. In an interview, Coral says that she sees Mike banging his head into a pole and having a conversation with himself. Coral points out that usually Mike is The Miz in front of other people, not when he's by himself. Mike is totally not banging his head into a pole. He's grabbing the pole, and then pushing his head towards it, but he's stopping his head before it hits the pole. Frankly, it looks more like he's dancing to the music coming through his headphones than trying to hurt himself. But I guess that wouldn't be dramatic enough. Coral voice-overs that it's "a little scary because [she's] never really seen it like this before." They conclude with a shot of Tara sitting there, which is just dumb, because they supposedly concluded the Mike/Tara relationship a few weeks ago and have not alluded to it since, and now they want us to think that Tara is really troubled about Mike.

Next week: Mike yells about The Miz. The next competition is called "Sidekick Showdown" and appears to be something like The Newlywed Game. Coral hits Mike with a pillow when he gets an answer wrong. That one should be fun. I hope they don't waste too much of the episode with the stupid, "Mike is drunk and angry" non-storyline.

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