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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

Meanwhile, Mike stares at the ice and sulks. Mike voice-overs that he lost and Tara won, and he wonders if he's supposed to be happy. Mike asks Mark if he can take a whack at the ice with a hammer. Mike points out the spot that melted and caused him to lose, and then starts yelling at it and whacking it with the hammer. Coral yells out for Mike to bring on The Miz. No, please don't. Theo yells that Mike is going to put someone's eye out. In an interview, Sean says that Mike is dealing with his loss through his second personality, The Miz, who doesn't stop. Mike continues to pound on the ice with the hammer.

The contestants ride home in a van. A drunken Mike says that if someone put his head through the window, it would be cool. Coral tells him to shut up, and asks someone to take his drink away. Mike starts saying that he's stupid and ignorant, and Coral tells him that he isn't. I wonder where he got that idea? Maybe from all of the times that Coral told him that while they were in New York. Coral tells Mike he's becoming an emotional drunk. In an interview, Coral says that when one person bears the weight of the whole disqualification, it's tough. Mike starts yelling nonsense to the camera about how if a contest were about beating someone up, he would win. He shoves Sean and inadvertently hits Kelley, who tells him to stop. Mike goes into a bad Austin Powers impression, calling Kelley "Zippi Longstocking." Elka dies laughing, as does Coral. We can't see Kelley's face because her back is to the camera. Mike starts crawling out of the back seat and over Coral's head to get out the door, but Kelley tells him to cut it out. Mike says that he needs another drink, which is the one sign of a true drunk person; they always need one more drink.

Back at the villa, Mike is apparently drinking straight vodka. He stumbles over to the Road Rules villa and asks if anyone has a CD player that he can borrow. Tara asks if his batteries are dead, and Mike drops his CD player on the ground and says that he broke it. Tara suggests that maybe the batteries are just dead, and Mike says that's not it. I didn't think he said it that nastily, but Tara gets all, "Ooohkay" and backs away. Mike points at her and stumbles around and calls her a bitch. In an interview, Tara says that she wondered if he was kidding. Mike tells her to have another beer with her Saturn. Tara voice-overs that he was kind of scary. He's not all that scary; he's just really, really drunk. Just let him go and he'll pass out in about an hour, and then throw up all over. Trust me.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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