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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

It's now nearly the two-hour mark. Timmy says that he has to "wee-wee." I think Timmy has underwear on his head. Mark counts down the time until they have to put two extremities on the ice. Coral lifts up her foot and puts it on the ice, and Mike cheers her on. In an interview, Mike says that he had a great spot under a piece of ice, but then the ice broke. We see the ice break, and a big chunk falls on Mike's foot and hand. He growls but no one can help him, since they are all touching the ice. The referees finally help him out. In an interview, Coral says that she and Mike both want to win the car, and they want the twenty points, so she thinks that it would take wild horses to move them off the ice.

The referee blows his whistle and walks up and puts his hand on Sean's shoulder. Sean is much more pleasant about it, probably because he just won a Saturn the day before. The referee explains that Sean put his hand in a spot where there was no ice. In an interview, Sean explains that his hand is so numb that he couldn't even tell there was no ice underneath it. Sean and Elka are fine with their ejection at two hours and six minutes. Elka wishes everyone else luck. In an interview, Sean says that he's already won a car, so he's not going to be greedy. Instead, he's going to "kick back and drink a margarita and have some lunch." Good plan.

Mark points out that none of the teams left in the game has won a prize. In an interview, Mike says that he was determined to win the car. Do we really need an interview every five seconds with someone telling us that they really want to win the car? It's a car. Clearly, they want to win it. Only one team can. We get it. In an interview, Emily says that she's confident that it is her car. In an interview, Tara says that there's no way that she's going to lose. Sigh.

Two hours and thirty minutes have elapsed. As we see water running off the ice, Timmy says that he has to pee. Emily asks if he can pee and get back in five minutes. Timmy says that he's going to pee right there. Timmy tells Tara that he's going to pee and he hopes that it doesn't splash on her. He only needs to have a hand and a foot on the ice, so I don't understand why he couldn't use his other hand to...aim. Timmy warns the others that it's happening. The referees are cracking up. Everyone else is grossed out. I am seriously impressed with his ability to pee straight down and not get any on the leg of his shorts. Then again, I don't pee standing up, so it's all a big mystery to me. The shot of the pee hitting the sand goes on for way too long. Emily says that they had better win the car now. In an interview, Emily says that Timmy was sending out a message that this car is his, and he's marked it. That's so Will from Big Brother. Emily tells the camera that she will stand in Timmy's urine all day for that Saturn. Timmy is jubilant, and can't believe how much better he feels.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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