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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

Theo tells Hollywick that he wants to win more than anyone else there. Hollywick tells the camera that they are definitely going to win. Theo tells Hollywick that if she feels faint, she should just drink some water. How do you do that in hour two, when both of your hands are on the ice? Theo tells Hollywick that if she has to faint, she should faint in a position where one of her hands is on the car. Clearly, Theo doesn't think that this thing is going to last more than two hours. Hasn't he seen Hands on a Hardbody? Or that episode of Mad About You where Ira had to give away the car?

In an interview, Tara says that she and Dan haven't won anything yet. Wow, I did not know that. Except that I totally did. Anyway, Tara thinks it has created a lot of pressure on them to win. In an interview, Emily says that she's not the cutest girl there, and she doesn't have the best body, but she is "the toughest chick here," and she's going to win the car.

Mark tells the contestants to gather around the vehicles, and reminds them that their hand must be in solid contact with the ice, and not on a crack in the ice. Mark whistles, and they all place a hand on the ice. Various people comment that while it felt good at first, it started to hurt pretty quickly. Danny laughs about how much it hurts. Tara asks if they can switch hands, and is told that they can. In an interview, Tara says that the first twenty minutes suck. Kind of like this show. In an interview, Dan says that he's going to try to talk Tara into keeping her hands on as long as he can, and she's going to do the same for him, because they both really want to win cars. Mark reminds them that in the next round, they will have to put two hands on the ice. I remember when I sprained my ankle, and my brother the athletic trainer made me stick my foot in a bucket of snow. Boy, did that suck. But if you can get past the first five minutes or so, everything just numbs out. And it did speed up my recovery time. Anyway.

Danny tells Kelley that this sucks, and he doesn't even want a car. In an interview, Danny says that sticking your hand on a block of ice is "complete pain," and it doesn't feel cold. It feels like sticking your hand on a stove. Mark tells the contestants that if they don't need a car that badly, they can just go get a drink. Timmy jokes that Mark really knows how to persuade them. In an interview, Timmy says that when he compares a car with a pina colada, there's really no comparison. Danny turns to Kelley and suggests that they just go sit down. Kelley asks if he's serious, and Danny says that he is. In an interview, Kelley says that there are teams that really want to win, and are going to stick it out for a long time, so she decided, "Screw it." In an interview, Dan says that he turned his head and saw Kelley sipping on a pina colada. Apparently she just walked off without saying anything to Danny, but I don't know how he didn't notice, since he was standing right next to her. Danny walks over and asks her what's going on, and why she gave up. Because he told her to? Duh. In an interview, Kelley says smirkily that she just wanted a drink and had to go to the bar to get it. Kelley gets a drink and we learn that Danny and Kelley lasted fifty-eight minutes. Timmy says that he respects that they quit to go get a drink. Danny says that they are a bunch of suckers as he rips into an energy bar.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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