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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

The next morning at breakfast, Sean gets a message regarding the next competition. He reads that they are supposed to wear uniforms, sandals, and sunblock. Theo tells someone that they are going to finish "one, two, three." In an interview, Emily and Timmy say that they were in second place overall, and now they are in sixth. They laugh about it, though. Timmy is wearing a nametag, which makes me thinks that this interview was actually filmed before or during next week's competition. Timmy jokes with Emily that he's just happy to be there, and he's going to get a ribbon that says, "Participant Award." In an interview, Emily says that they haven't won a prize yet, but they have nothing to lose at this point, so "going big is the only option." As opposed to all of those other missions, where they weren't really trying.

Coral asks Elka, who is busy putting on makeup, to go and sit in the hot sun and sweat, if she wants to beat Road Rules today. Coral thinks that they should win Mike a birthday gift. In an interview that was apparently conducted in an echo chamber, Mike says that he's hoping that his birthday will start off "a new thing for Coral and [him]" where they will actually start winning competitions.

The contestants arrive on the beach and see what looks like three cars, each covered by a red tarp, and a dry bar set up on the side. In an interview, Timmy says that they saw the bar set up, and some lounge chairs, and wondered if they were going to be waiters or play volleyball, and that they didn't know what to expect. Mark welcomes them and tells them that the mission today is called "Hands-On Saturn." They don't even try to pretend like Eric has anything to do with the show anymore; he doesn't even get to hold the clipboard this week. He just gets to say, "Hey, Mark. Let's reveal the sculpture." It still sounds like he's reading it from a cue card. He's so terrible.

Eric and Mark pull one of the tarps off to reveal an ice sculpture of a car. Theo yells out, "It's a Saturn!" and then accepts his product-placement payment. In an interview, Timmy says that this is the strangest competition he's ever been involved with.

Eric starts reading the rules from a clipboard. Aw, they must have written it nice and big and used small words. The first rule is that "teammates must have one full hand, meaning five fingers, down on the sculpture at all times." In an interview, Kelley explains that at first you have to have one hand on the sculpture, then after two hours, it's two hands. At three hours, it's two hands and one foot, and at four hours, you have to have two hands and two feet on the sculpture. Mark points out the three referees who will prevent any cheating. Eric says that teams will get one five-minute break every three hours. In an interview, Tara says that she has "a bladder the size of a corn kernel," which might be a factor. Mark and Eric pull away the remaining two tarps to reveal that the prizes for this competition are two Saturns. In an interview, Mike says that he lost the car once, but it's his birthday and his lucky day, so he's going to win. Eric asks if there are any questions. Timmy raises his hand and asks if you are allowed to pee yourself. Eric and Mark say yes. Timmy responds, "Consider the car mine." Hee!

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