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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

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He's the Miz and He Lives in Oz

Previously on the Challenge: Mike and Tara hooked up. The teams of Theo and Holly, Danny and Kelley, and Sean and Elka won prizes. Meanwhile, Mike and Coral, Dan and Tara, and Timmy and Emily had not won a thing. The contestants completed a mission where the prize was a Saturn, and Mike really wanted to win it, but he didn't know how to drive a standard.

It's 11:59 PM, and Mike is telling Coral that it's only one minute until he turns twenty-one. Coral really could not care less. When did Mike get his tongue pierced? I don't remember him having his tongue pierced while he was on Real World. In an interview, Mike asks what you are supposed to do on your twenty-first birthday, and answers himself, saying that you are supposed to "get completely hammered." Aw, but that's so unimaginative. Especially if you (like Mike) have a fake ID and have been drinking for quite some time. On my twenty-first birthday, I went to Chuck E. Cheese. I know, it sounds lame, but it was actually really fun. On the other hand, my brother tried to do twenty-one shots on his twenty-first birthday, and came home and puked all over his bedroom floor, and I had to clean it up and go in and check on him every half-hour because I was afraid he was going to die of alcohol poisoning. And then he felt like crap the next day, and barely remembered his birthday. So, which was more fun? You be the judge.

It's finally midnight. Everyone wishes Mike a happy birthday. Coral gives him a hug. In an interview, Coral says that they'd like to throw Mike a big party, but they have a mission the next day, so they're trying to stay focused. Mike, Coral, and Tara do a toast with Coronas to Mike's first legal drink. Mike has barely taken one sip before Coral tells him that they should go to bed because they have a competition the next day. Mike agrees.

In an interview, Tara says that she and Mike have really clicked even though they are very different. The editors insert a shot of Coral winking at the camera, probably to let us know that Mike and Tara are totally still hooking up. It's really annoying me that they did the whole "Tara just broke up with her boyfriend and can't handle being with Mike right now" storyline a few weeks ago, and yet they keep referring to them being together. Either don't try to resolve every "storyline" in one episode, or do, and stop referring to it in the future. Tara wishes Mike a happy birthday and gives him a hug. In an interview, Mike says that it was nice to spend his birthday with Tara. Mike tells Coral that he's a man, and he's twenty-one. Coral tells him to get his manly ass to bed, because it's "time to go night-night." Heh.

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