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Grudge Match

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Grudge Match

Dan is going last. He rejoices over being given a red balloon because he thinks it's good luck. Dan is launched into the air. He drops his balloon for fifty points. The final score is RW 150, RR 60. So Emily's points didn't matter after all.

Laterrian tells Emily to smile, which is, like, the most annoying thing someone can say to you when you're pissed off. Emily says that she's happy that the RW team won, fair and square. Susie tells Emily that it's not her fault. Emily snipes that it wasn't her fault anyway. Susie rephrases, saying that even if Emily had won the fifty points, they wouldn't have won. Emily says, totally straight-faced, "I did win the fifty points." Okay, give it up. The mission is over. You've made your point. Susie rolls her eyes and says, "Okay." Emily's all, "What do you mean?" Now she's just looking for a fight. Christian tells Michelle that they need to talk about this.

Yana awards the $10,000 to the RW team, and announces that Rebecca is the MVP. I've given up on trying to figure out how that works. Rebecca wins a Palm Pilot. In an interview, Kameelah says that "despite all the hoopla with Emily," her team won.

That night, on the RR bus, Christian talks to Emily. He tells her that there were a lot of emotions involved in the mission. Emily says that it was a big deal to her because it was a principle. Christian says that he tried to understand how she was feeling, but that he didn't get the impression that she tried to understand how the others felt. He still thinks that she has a lot of emotions about it, and that's why she has this attitude, and it's affected her teammates. Emily doesn't think it has, but Christian assures her that it has. In an interview, Emily says that Christian made her think about how she doesn't know everything, and that she's not as open-minded as she thought she was, and that she still has some growing to do.

Cut to Emily and Julie walking down the street together. They discuss what it was like growing up in a small town, and how they both had to deal with other people's expectations. In an interview, Emily explains that they went shopping together for the afternoon. Julie's hair, while shopping, is really not red, so I have my doubts about where this occurred on the timeline. In an interview, Julie (back to the really red Willow/anime hair and scary lipstick) says, "Emily and I are trying to be friends, but this trip is not over yet." Do I have to say it yet again? Shut. Up. Julie.

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