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Grudge Match

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Grudge Match

Finally, they move on to the last part of the mission. It's a reverse bungee jumping thing -- they are hooked up to a bungee cord, which is attached to a crane. When they are released, they go flying into the air. The points come in because they are holding a water balloon, which they drop onto a target and earn various points depending on where it hits. As Yana explains all this, Susie whispers to Michelle that she understands Emily's position, but that she needs to pay for college. Oh, Susie. Like the rest of the participants don't want the money, too. Whatever. In an interview, Emily says that she's beginning to realize that there are two definitions for the word "competition." One is, "Play by the rules. Do it right. Do it well. Do it better. And win." The other is, "Do whatever it takes."

James will be the first to be launched. I don't know why James get to go twice and Laterrian didn't go at all. James says a little prayer before he is launched high in the air. It looks very scary. He drops his balloon, but it totally misses the target and he gets zero points. As he is let down, he laughs hysterically.

Syrrhosis is next. As the harness is attached, he makes a crack about wanting to have kids, because it's a little snug on his...ahem, area. Syrrhosis doesn't get any points, either. As they unhook him, he says, "I swear to God, I was going to the moon."

Susie is up next. Before she is launched, she talks to herself, saying that she won't die and that it will be fun. Seriously, I don't think that I could do this. Too scary. But I'm a wimp. Susie is launched. She drops her balloon nowhere near the target and then apologizes while still in the air.

Kameelah is the final contestant. Her shoe goes flying off on launch. Kameelah voice-overs that she wasn't trying to hit any target -- she was just trying to "keep [her] body in the bungee and not pee on [herself]." Admirable goals. As she finishes, she pleads with the handlers to get her out. I don't think she even dropped the balloon. She didn't get any points, anyway. Everyone runs over to make sure she is okay. She is.

Laterrian gets strapped in. Maybe they added an extra heat to this event to make up for there being no points in the last one? That's my guess. Susie tells him that there's no pressure, but that they need points to win. In an interview, Michelle says that Laterrian is their last hope. Yana tells him that he needs to hit seventy-five points for his team to have a chance. Laterrian is launched, drops his balloon, and gets...ten points. In an interview, Laterrian says that it ran through his head that if Emily had done the wall again, they might have had another fifty points. So if they lose by less than fifty points, Laterrian is going to "blow up."

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