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Grudge Match

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Grudge Match

Yana asks the RW team whether they have come to a decision, and they tell her they've decided to go with whatever the RR team decides. Yana nods and then heads over to see what the RR team has decided. As she walks in, James is telling Emily that you have to pick your battles, and that maybe this isn't the right one to pick. He says that it's clear that the situation "sucked ass," but "sometimes you've got to deal with the ref's shitty call and keep playing." This is two episodes in a row where I've agreed with James. This is frightening me. Make it stop. Bring back bratty James. Wait, forget I said that. Yana asks whether they have made a decision, and Emily brats, "No. We don't. We do not have a decision." James asks what the RW team decided, and Yana tells them that it's up to them.

After the break, everyone is suddenly back outside, instead of in the room where we left them. Emily is arguing with Yana that she should get the fifty points, because Julie cheated. Yana, to her credit, doesn't let Emily bully her. Julie tells Kameelah that Emily should be happy for the chance to go again. Emily tells everyone that she's leaving, and walks off. Michelle runs after her, which is just what Emily wanted. Julie tells Kameelah that Emily is "angry about something that can't be fixed," and that Emily holds grudges. Emily tells Michelle that she hates being put in the position of swallowing her pride and taking one for the team. In an interview, Emily says that she's swallowed her pride before, and now she's got to stick up for herself. I don't think that anyone would see Emily as weak if she backed down here. Emily hugs Michelle and then wonders what happened to the "grade-school rule" about cheaters getting disqualified. Ah, but she's forgetting the grade-school rule about do-overs. If there was ever a question about it, you just got a do-over. I wish we still had do-overs as adults. There are definitely times where I want a do-over. Kameelah asks Julie, "Nothing is going to make [Emily] happy, so why is everyone kissing her ass?" Aw, Kameelah. Usually you are the voice of reason, when you are not the voice of exposition. Yes, Emily is being unnecessarily stubborn. But she is right, in the end. She should compromise here, but she is right.

James begs Emily to compromise, but Emily feels that it is cut and dried, and she won't do it again out of principle. Exposition Kameelah shows up to tell us that Emily had a "whole moral sophisticated battle," and decided that she wouldn't do it again, so no one got the points.

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