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Grudge Match

Yana calls everyone back and explains that it was her fault, because she didn't explain that falling isn't allowed. Julie tries to throw up that lame "belayers were too tight" excuse again, and behind her, Emily does a tremendous eye roll that would put Kameelah to shame. Yana tries to explain in her fractured English (and I'm not dogging her English -- God knows, I don't speak German) that it's not against the rules, but it's also not with the rules. In other words, Julie didn't break the letter of the law, but she broke the spirit of the law. Julie continues to argue, and absolutely none of her teammates back her up. Yana tells them that the fairest thing to do is have the race again, and that, if you fall, you have to get back on your feet again. The alternative is that they don't count the points at all. Emily calls for a team meeting to discuss it.

It's time for more Exposition Kameelah! In an interview, Kameelah says what Yana just did -- that they either do the event over, or no one gets the points. In the RR team meeting, Emily tells them that she wants the points, or she's not happy. Michelle tries to point out that what Emily wants isn't going to happen -- it's not one of the options given to them. Emily says that it's "about principle," and James tells her that it's not going to look good. To whom? The viewing audience? In an interview, Michelle says that this is "a culmination of things with Julie, and Emily feels wronged."

Over at the RW team, Rebecca says that this should be the argument challenge, or the debate challenge. Syrrhosis says that he wants to be on Johnnie Cochran's team, because he wants to win. So clearly, these people don't care whether they get the points or not.

In contrast, over on the RR team, Emily asks whether her team thinks that she should do it again. Susie does. Michelle points out that if she doesn't, it will be very hard for them to win. Emily says that if they do the race again, she will win, because Julie was not very good. But Emily feels that's not the point, and that it's the principle at stake. In an interview, Laterrian wonders whether the principle is worth losing $10,000 over, and he feels that if Emily hates Julie so much, and she thinks she can win, then she should go out there and win. The thing about Laterrian is that he says these great things in interviews, but then during the actual discussion, he sits there silently. Like, quit being so passive-aggressive, Laterrian. Emily tells everyone that she was happy when the race was over, because she thought she won, but then she saw the looks on their faces. Emily says with finality that she's not doing the race again, and that she will get points for that event. And this is the point in the episode where my sympathy for Emily was depleted, because she's just being unreasonable. Yes, it's unfair. Yes, Julie cheated. Yes, Emily should have won. But that's not how it works, and she has two choices, and she can't just go and pick non-existent option three and expect her teammates to be happy about it. In an interview, Laterrian says that just because Emily says she wants the fifty points doesn't mean she'll get them. Of course, he doesn't actually say that to Emily.

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