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Grudge Match

Emily and Julie get strapped into their harnesses. Rebecca -- who is sitting on James's lap, so I guess they are still dating -- says that it looks really fun to her. Emily voice-overs that every time they compete, it gets really stressful. Syrrhosis voice-overs that "the two crazy girls from each team are competing." Emily has never struck me as that crazy, but whatever. Julie voice-overs that she's going to beat Emily no matter what it takes (emphasis mine). And then we go to commercial, while the whole world hopes that Julie plummets to her death. Okay, maybe not to her death. Maybe she could just hit her head hard enough to shake some sense into her.

As the two women wait to start, Susie yells up to Emily to look who's next to her and "focus on her." Yana counts it down, and they go. Emily gets an early lead, but then stumbles and struggles back to her feet. In an interview, Julie says that she hit the first flag and fell, and as she was falling, she heard Emily rushing by her, and she panicked. A long shot of the wall reveals that Emily is way ahead. In an interview, Julie says that she decided she needed to get to the bottom however she could. Julie flies down the wall without ever touching it with her feet, and beats Emily to the bottom by a fraction of a second. In an interview, Emily says she thought, "No way. I won this." Julie gets up and looks around for confirmation of her win. Julie immediately starts making excuses about how she couldn't go because they were "belaying [her] tight." Jamie asks whether Julie won. Emily gets hugs from her teammates and then asks, "Did I lose?" Yana gives the official word -- Julie won fifty points for her team. Emily yells at someone to get her out of her harness. Laterrian grouses that Julie's feet never touched the wall, and James adds that they dropped Julie two stories, and she never ran. Yana comes up to Emily and says that it was hard, and Emily says that it's not hard if the rules are "rappelling, not running," and that she didn't just let herself go because you're supposed to run, not fall. Yana seems a bit taken aback by Emily's intensity. Emily stalks off as Julie explains to someone that she was trying to get her feet back on the wall, but they weren't belaying her out. Whatever. She totally wasn't trying to get her feet back on the wall. They replay the footage of Julie falling down the wall, and she's clearly not trying to get her feet under her, and she has plenty of slack in the rope, if she would stop herself and let them give her slack, instead of hanging there like dead weight. In an interview, Emily says that "Julie won unfairly, and what she did was cheating, so she should not get the points, plain and simple." Julie explains to Susie that the rules only said to get down the wall and hit the flags, and she did that first. You know, the more she tries to justify it, the guiltier she looks. In an interview, Julie says, "I played by the rules I was given. I got down. I won. The points were on the board, and she started crying." The venom I feel towards Julie cannot be put into words. There are not enough words to explain it. I could raise Merriam and Webster from the dead and commission a new dictionary of words, and there still would not be enough.

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