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Grudge Match

In an interview, Emily says, "Julie is a pit bull. Julie is absolutely acting like a pit bull." While Emily speaks, we see more footage of Julie screaming and cheering on her team. In an interview, a blonde Julie (who has red hair during the actual mission) says that Emily is always complaining about the way she acts, and she probably intimidates Emily. She's exactly right. If by "intimidates," she means "irritates." And if by "Emily," she means "the world." Syrrhosis takes pictures of Jamie as his bike is lowered to the ground. Kameelah coos, "Ooh, Jamie-Waymie! Can I be your girlfriend, Jamie?" Dan repeats, "Can I be your girlfriend?" Okay, heh. The scary thing about that is that when I saw Jamie speak live to a group of college students (and my friend Mary and me, not college students at all), most of the women were like, "Jamie, do you have a girlfriend? Jamie, will you party with us after? Jamie, you are so hot!" I wanted to kill. Them. All. James cries over on the side as Yana explains that the RW team has one hundred points, and that it's time to move on to the second event.

The two teams (and Yana) come up to a wall where they will "house run." In an interview, Julie explains that house running is backward rappelling, where you "run Spider-Man-style down the side of a building." Note that Julie said that you run. Not fall. Run. Again, each team has to choose a male and a female. On the way down the wall, the person has to grab flags. The first person to reach the ground with all the flags wins, and each run is worth fifty points. Julie and Dan will be going for the RW team. Emily and Christian will be going for the RR team. In an interview, Jamie says that Julie and Emily will be competing, and that they are both athletic, and that Julie is also aggressive. We see Julie flexing her muscles. In an interview, Julie (now with the Willow/anime hairstyle that she had for the RW Reunion Special) smarms, "Me and Emily, at it again. It couldn't be more perfect." First of all, that was clearly taped about three weeks after the event. Second of all, it's "Emily and me," not "me and Emily." Third of all, Julie is scaring me with the lipstick. It's like that scary Sarah Michelle Gellar Maybelline commercial where it looks like she just ate something bloody. In an interview, Emily says that she's going to win. God, I hope so. Syrrhosis tells Jamie that he's glad he didn't pick this one. Dan stares down the wall and then declares that he needs a helmet. Or a parachute. I would so be the Dan of any Challenge I was on. Christian looks pretty psyched about the whole thing, but Dan thinks it's "insanity." Then he says, "I went to college." Then he says, "I'm going to start to cry again." Dan cracks me up. Julie cheers Dan on while Emily scarily lurks in the bushes behind her. The race begins, and it's fairly close. Dan falls so that his feet are no longer touching the wall, but waits until he gets back into a "walking" position to continue. That's important for future reference. This allows Christian to pull into the lead. Julie starts freaking out, jumping up and down and screaming, "Come on, Dan!" Christian reaches the ground first, and the RR team gets fifty points. The score is now RW 100 and RR 50.

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