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Grudge Match

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Grudge Match

Yana explains the first match. There are bicycles attached to a rope that is stretched from floor to ceiling. Pedalling the bicycles makes them move up the rope vertically. There is a bell at the top, and whoever rings the bell first wins. Each team has to choose one male and one female for this race. The RW team discusses, and Jamie says that he's "a strong biker" except that the captioning says that he's "a strong bugger," which is much, much funnier. James tells the RR team that he'd like to do this. Rebecca thinks she has "good legs for that," and Julie agrees. Michelle also has strong legs. Yana flips a coin to decide that the females will go first. Rebecca asks whether anyone has a hat she can wear, and Syrrhosis gives her his bandanna. Christian rubs down Michelle's legs in a little more than friendly manner. Yana reminds them that they need to ring the bell to win the race, and then counts down the start. Julie runs in place on the ground as if she, too, is pedaling a bicycle. Shut up, Julie. She wasn't talking, but she still needs to shut up. They continue to show everyone cheering from the ground, so we have no idea who is leading. There's a camera mounted on Michelle's handlebars, which provides some extremely scary pictures of her straining. It looks like Rebecca might be ahead, but since the shot isn't wide enough to show both of them at the same time, it's impossible to tell. Good camera work, B/M. Michelle reaches for the bell, but Rebecca rings it first. Julie screams and jumps around like she had anything to do with it. Yana awards the RW team fifty points.

Next up, in the same event, are James and Jamie -- or, as Laterrian puts it, "the All-American boy versus the All-American boy." If those two represent America, I'm moving to Canada. Wing, do you have room for me? ["As long as you don't bring either of them with you, yes." -- Wing Chun] James says a little prayer before the race begins. Laterrian tells James to go big. I think Jamie is winning. Scary straining shots of James. If there was a camera on the RR bike and not on the RW bike, that seems like a disadvantage. Extra weight and all. Susie doesn't even bother to cheer James on. Jamie rings the bell first for the win. Julie gloats to Syrrhosis, "Jamie kicked his butt." Seriously. They are trying to make me hate her more than I thought possible. It almost makes me want to like her, just to be contrary. Well, not that much. The RW team now has one hundred points and the RR team has zero.

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