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Grudge Match

Crappy MTV timing caused me to miss the first minute or so of the episode on my tape, so we cut right to when Amaya reads the clue, which is something about being turned upside down, with advice to Julie to "do what [she's] told," which doesn't even make sense because there is no one from the Hawaii season on this Challenge. I guess they ran out of suckers to read the instructions. Emily voice-overs that she's "trying to act instead of react to Julie." Julie voice-overs that she and Emily "don't get along -- that's a given." Laterrian reads a message from the Nokia about it being time to cash in their pounds and get "Dutch marks [sic]" because they're going to Germany. Kameelah is way too excited about going to Germany. I mean, it's cool and all, but is it really that exciting? They're already in Europe. I seriously think Kameelah got a bonus this season to be really excited about everything, and to provide exposition.

Germany montage. I think I just saw Lola, running. Jamie speaks some faux-German that sounds more like the Swedish chef. Michelle responds, but at least it sounded like she was actually speaking German. Since I don't, I can't tell. The teams arrive at some sort of park and meet their Mission Mayor, a woman named Yana. She asks if they've ever heard of her company, when before yesterday, Julie probably hadn't even heard of Germany. Anyway, her company does bungee jumping from a nearby tower. Julie goes, "Yes, bungeeeeeeee!" and jumps up and down, but then Yana shoots her down by saying that they won't be doing that. Ha! They'll be doing three events that day. Yana apologizes for her English, and explains that she's nervous, but they will be more nervous when they find out what the mission is. Aw, Yana is cute. Julie voice-overs, "I don't know what she just said, but it sounds like fun." Seriously, the editors hate Julie. Either she's the biggest idiot in the world, or she's an idiot sometimes, and the editors show every moment of her idiocy. It's time for Exposition Kameelah! In an interview, Kameelah says that they'll be doing extreme sports, but she's never heard of any of these sports before. In an interview, Emily says that she's "one hundred percent confident that [her team] will win." Oh, they're so going to lose. That was the kiss of death right there. In an interview, Julie says that her team "will always dominate" and "always come through no matter what." Ooh, dueling kisses of death. I don't know what to make of this. Except that I hate Julie.

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