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Grand Finale

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Grand Finale

Previously on the Challenge: it's time for the final mission. Theo and Hollywick will be the Road Rules ultimate team, and Sean and Elka will be the ultimate team on the Real World side. I don't know what that means yet. ["Plus how is that what happened 'previously'?" -- Wing Chun] In an interview, Sean explains that he's thinking about putting together a deal whereby the winning team kicks back some money to the losing team so that no one goes home empty-handed. Tara told her dad on the phone that she doesn't know if she should participate, since she's confident that her team will win, and she doesn't want to give up any of her money.

Theo wakes up and announces that today is the day that will separate "the men from the moral men." That's what the captioning said. Normally, I would say that it makes no sense, and the captioning must be wrong, but it's Theo, so anything goes. The Road Rules team wanders around in pajamas and sleepily discusses what the final mission will be like. Except Tara, who is apparently one of those annoying people who just hops right out of bed, instantly alert and ready to face the day. Emily hopes that the final mission isn't just about luck, because she thinks no one would want to win the money due to luck. I would! I'll take it! Tara hopes that the mission is very physical, since the RR team is stronger in that area. No pun intended. Then there's, like, five minutes of people flopping onto beds and putting pillows over their heads for no apparent reason.

Over in the RW villa, Elka tells everyone that she's in the game zone. I don't know what zone she was in when she decides to wear those shorts. I have underwear bigger than those shorts. Most of my underwear is bigger than those shorts. Oh, that's probably too much information. Let's just say that her shorts are very, very short and tight. Elka wonders if she's the only one who is nervous, and Kelley advises her not to be intimidated. I think everyone is sick of Elka, since she's kind of whiny and she's basically talking to herself. Elka blathers on that it's anyone's game at this point. In an interview, Sean says that he's nervous about the final mission, since the RR team is stronger and faster than the RW team. Sean reminds us that he has a wife, a child, and another child on the way, so he can't go home empty-handed. And he won't, since he cut a prize-sharing deal with Dan. I find it hard to feel bad for Sean, since I don't think he deserves the money more than anyone else just because he chose to procreate.

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