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Good Intentions

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Good Intentions

Previously on the Challenge: The Real World team won the Navy submarine mission. The Real World won the Tough Man competition. The Real World team won the Extreme German sports competition. James claims that his team is "down on [their] luck," and that they're "trying to hold nothing back to win one mission." Okay, at least most of those things actually happened in previous episodes, so I guess it qualifies as "previously on" footage. I don't think we've heard the James quote before, but he's said similar things many times, so I'll let it slide.

London landmarks. Wait, I thought they were in Germany? Last week, they were definitely in Germany. Anyway, they're back in London. Syrrhosis, Laterrian, Jamie, Julie, and Kameelah meet up with some United States tourists (dad, mom, two teenaged daughters), from Utah. Julie announces that she's "from Utah" as well, which she totally isn't; she's from Wisconsin, and went to college in Utah. But maybe "from Utah" is shorthand for "Mormon" or something. Like "friend of Dorothy." She's a "friend of Donny Osmond." Julie tells them that she goes to school in Provo, which she also doesn't do anymore, and I don't know why she couldn't just say that she used to live in Provo, because the next thing you know, the guy is saying that she must go to BYU. He asks what they're being filmed for, and everyone replies, "MTV." I thought that they weren't allowed to say that; I thought they were supposed to say it was a documentary or something. Maybe, at this point, since they have all been on the show before and will probably be recognized, the charade is over. Anyway, the guy puts two and two together and realizes that Julie is "the girl that got kicked out of BYU." Even before that happens, his wife is tugging at his sleeve, like "Honey, let the heathens go." In an interview, Julie says that she feels like she doesn't "fit in with the Mormon community," but she loves it anyway, and doesn't want to lose it. The tourist family walks away, and Julie teases them for trying to flee. The dad lamely says that they're going to get fish and chips. The way it was edited, it looked like the family walked away as soon as they realized who Julie was, but that may not have been the case. The two teenaged daughters hold back, but they don't look scared or anything. The mom asks Julie if she's keeping the faith, like, what an annoying and none-of-her-business thing to ask. Julie says that she's trying to, and the mom replies, "You had better be, sister." See, to me, that's a worse depiction of Mormonism than anything Julie has ever done -- how the mom reminded her to "keep the faith."

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