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Girl Fight

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Girl Fight

Wow! The Family meets -- this time plus Derrick and Dunbar -- and deliberate over who they want to keep around more, Rachel or Robin. They decide that Robin is too useful (knowing how to sail) and thus prove stodgy educators correct about declining cultural and emotional literacy in today's youth.

Commercials. Hollywood Tards. Robin pleads her case tearfully. She apologizes for crying so much, but says she has a lot of heart, and asks them to all look in their hearts and give her a chance. Oh, this is gross. Get her out of here. The highs and lows of Robin. Kenny interviews, declaring that Robin isn't as stupid as we think... but she's pretty stupid (thinking that crying will work). Rachel's turn. She surprises everyone by including some code words about integrity and how she isn't going to throw anyone under the bus. Okay. This shit is all so clearly scripted. This amount of dramatic/narrative tension at each elimination? Please. Anyhow, Paula interviews for those of us in the back, that Rachel talking about integrity means that she's going back on her word to The Family. Rachel says she should stay because she's a good competitor.

Vote. Ryan and Dan vote for Rachel. But everyone else who doesn't matter votes for Robin. Until it's The Family's turn to vote. (Conveniently, they vote in order, Bananas first. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.) Bananas turns on Rachel and so the rest of them do, too. At some point Rachel asks if they're just being open with their alliance now, or what. She gets eliminated and Kenny tells her that "the Don has spoken" and that soon she'll "be swimmin' with the fishes." Creative allusions there, Ken.

Goodbyes. Incoherence. Melancholy lesbianish singer-songwriter guitar strumming. Jenn is sad and cries to Ryan about missing Rachel. Ryan tells her he'll keep her strong and then laughs at such a comment coming from "the crying gay man." Johanna sits on Ryan's lap with the expression of a brain-damaged Lhasa Apsa. We end, again, on insinuating shots of The Family laughing and reveling in their stature.

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