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Girl Fight

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Girl Fight

Robin does indeed insist on going in. Kellyanne volunteers herself since that's who the vote would go for anyway. Ev thinks people are silly to underestimate Kellyanne. I think Ev is just blinded by those boobies. Standard worrying from all involved parties over the outcome of the Face Off.

Oh, god. Another night falls. Just get to the end already! So, we had ended the last scene with Kenny telling Rachel that Robin and Kellyanne are a cancer on the house. Cut to a meeting between JaBrohanna, Paula, and Bananas -- "the family" as Kenny tells us they are called. Apparently Kenny has not read Helter Skelter. Seriously? The family? Now Kenny is all for getting rid of Rachel, as she is "the head" (Johanna's description) of that band of feminazi misfits (TM Bananas). Okay. I was flirting with not being on their side (I hate underdogs), but they're being kind of hilarious. Plus, they have Paula. It's all very confusing.

Kellyanne and Ev commiserate. And now, we are finally at the Face Off. It's an endurance, balancing challenge where the ladies have to sit on one pole with their legs extended and resting on another pole. They have to hold it for as long as they can. Kellyanne, shorter than the rest, is totally fucked. She interviews that the other problem she has (beside the height) is a mental problem. Thank you, Kellyanne, for writing that joke for me.

The other thing about this challenge is that TJ can tell them to change positions any time. After thirty minutes he does. Kellyanne is wiggling around a lot, Cohutta thinks that's a good strategy. Robin isn't moving, and Dan thinks that's a good strategy. Robin's hand slips off the pole and she's out. Cohutta for President!

Bananas is scrambling in the face of a possible Kellyanne win. He interviews that, even though he personally hates her, it might be good for her to stick around, given that her entire alliance consists of two people -- Ev and Cohutta -- who have no influence over anyone. Cagey, Bananas! Bananas for President!

Rachel is struggling. Jenn's advice is that she should open her legs. Yes, really. Both girls are ready to give up. We go to commercial. Again.

They've been up there for two hours. Rachel's hand finally slips off and Kellyanne wins. She interviews, very cutely, that she feels like a badass.

Good cheer is short lived as the camera gets woozy on its long aerial pan over to Rachel pleading her case with Mr. Bananas. I feel like this really is some sort of U.S. government political allegory. She's groveling and telling them that she'll do anything for them. Bananas interviews that she's promising everything except, oh, I don't know, a menage a trois. Kenny wants to know if it were between one of them and Jenn, what would she do. She pauses and then promises to have their back.

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