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Girl Fight

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Girl Fight

Bananas, Kenny, and Robin hang out around the boat parts trying to figure out how they'll sail to the island to get the money. Bananas floats a "zig zag" theory and Robin just sort of shrugs. Bananas thinks she's keeping her sailing knowledge to herself. Robin interviews that she knows she's a threat because she knows how to sail.

Kellyanne is worrying over getting voted in. The rumor is that once Ev volunteers (which she's said she'll do), everyone will vote Kellyanne in. Ev doesn't want to go against Kellyanne, as she's her best friend there. Now there's a random girl romance I could get behind. I love me some Cohutta, but I think Kellyanne probably needs a lady's touch.

Johanna tells Bananas that she thinks Robin needs to get voted in. Over on the AWESOME part of the one-acre set, Ryan and Robin discuss how ballsy she was calling Johanna out like that. Robin says that she's in a different place in her life, that she used to be a submissive girl like Johanna. Oooo. That's good. Robin theorizes (heh) that she's a threat to that JaBrohanna alliance and Ryan makes up for tongue-kissing Kellyanne by just breathing the same air as Robin. ROBIN FOR VICE PRESIDENT!

Commercials. A bunch of stupid bullshit about Johanna not wanting to go in to a Face Off, Rachel self-righteously interviewing that she would never feel okay about herself if she didn't challenge the game in some way. Challenge the challenge? I challenge the idea of a challenge being a challenge.

Oh no. Dan and Robin swing in hammocks next to one another. Oh no. They kiss. Oh, Robin. Why did you have to go and DO THIS? I'm so upset.

Over the other way, another totally random and ill-advised bunch of nonsense. Jenn is telling Rachel -- and I am telling you here that this is really, literally, what she says -- that if she woke up and the human race was gone, she could survive. Rachel is looking at her like she's Portia de Rossi. Jenn interviews about Rachel and her syntax is so convoluted she may as well be the Governor from Alaska. She promises us, the viewers, that there is something "of significance" with Rachel that makes her feel like, if nothing else, that Rachel will be her friend "'til the end of the day." Wow. That's a historic love. Rachel interviews that she's feeling weird about being on a challenge without challenges, and that she just misses scrapping and so might volunteer herself tomorrow.

TJ. TJ Lavin's agent, please call me. This is the sweetest gig in television. Deliberations about the Face Off start. Rachel jumps in and volunteers herself, and then declares that it makes no sense for her AND Robin to go in together (why? I'm not totally clear) and proposes that it be her and two "newbies" -- Kellyanne and Ashli. Robin starts to cry. These poor ladies. They have such limited outlets for their aggression, and SO MUCH built up from this protracted life experience. We go to commercial wondering if Robin will go in against Rachel in spite of the latter's wishes.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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