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Girl Fight

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Girl Fight

Derrick pulls Robin aside onto the deck and asks why she's letting Johanna bitch her out. Robin calls back into the house to Johanna, asking her if she's ready for a Face Off. Johanna snarks at Robin about that making her feel like a better woman and then admits that she doesn't want to ever do a Face Off. Then she tells us that she's just going to wait until the last week when someone is going to give her a key. And in a brief moment of complete brilliance, Robin shouts, "So that's your game plan? You're going to fuck your way to the end?" Everyone "ooohs" at the supposed low blow. Then Robin starts clapping in this sort of primitive way and Johanna comes down to get face to face and, wow, this is AWESOME!

Johanna, who has crossed the line from Cartel Mistress to Alley Trash, gets in Robin's face and shouts, "I'm fucking Kenny cuz I like him. Why did you fuck Kenny?" Please, my dear, this is no time to get into epistemological questions, especially concerning Kenny. Robin is edited to look tongue-tied as we go to commercial.

Back from commercials to find that Robin was never tongue-tied. She does some Obama-level verbal aikido and answers Johanna's question about why she fucked Kenny: "because I liked him." How does it feel to look into that mirror, Johanna? Johanna keeps screeching like a lady diving face first into a ridiculous pile of cocaine in slow motion, just as the whole National Army shows up to riddle her full of bullets. Or something. Robin interviews that if Johanna is a real woman, she'll face her in the, uh, Face Off.

Johanna tries to shake Robin's hand, but Robin won't because she has nothing to apologize for or make up over. Off to the side, Johanna cries to Kenny, who reassures her that Robin is "a pig." I'm sure he won't ever say anything like that about you, Johanna. Kenny tells Johanna that she's America's Fucking Sweetheart. I think I must have missed that memo. Damn this election coverage.

New day. Hey, Army! What are you doing here? This time the girls actually swim out to get the air-dropped supplies. But lest you think such an event signals that the boys were getting ever so slightly less misogynistic in acknowledging that the women can actually perform simple tasks like this one... we find out that the boys orchestrated this girl team effort so that they could observe which one(s) of them have strength and endurance.

The shipment contains limes (for the tequila), oranges (for the mimosas), graham crackers (for the S'More Martinis), and two big fish (for the Fermented Fish Juice Moonshine). Best airdrop ever!.

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