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Girl Fight

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Girl Fight

We open on Mr. Bananas telling us who's on what alliance. In the shocker of the century, Paula the Good and Generally Reasonable is aligned with Bananas, JaBrohanna, Derrick, and Dunbar. Then on the other side we have Rachel and her, as Bananas calls it, "band of feminazi misfits." Paula, don't vote with those guys!

On the other hand, switching allegiance, for Paula, would mean aligning herself with Kellyanne, who is truly and not jokingly clearly schizophrenic. She and Bananas get into another argument over who cooks the meat. During this argument she 1) stabs at the table with a knife and 2) goes all Sybil on him, speaking in some strange persona that makes no sense and then 3) lowers her voice and tells Bananas that she "curses him everyday." Oookay.

Ev tries to cool Kellyanne down, telling her that these games usually unfold "the way they should" and Bananas will get his comeuppance.

Leaving Sybil behind, we pan over to another cabana to catch Robin doing her best Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront while talking to Derrick: "D, I just wanna know what it feels like to win." Another way in which she is like Marlon Brando is the way she is dramatically sprawled sideways on the bed, wearing a sports bra and bikini bottoms. Not that Brando ever did that, but did I just make you picture him doing so? My work then is done. Derrick interviews that Robin is getting crazy paranoid. We know what happens when it gets to that point. We all win. I'm a little bit sad right now because that line -- "D, I wanna know what it feels like to win"-- was 99% of the reason why I am watching this show this year. And now it's over! Oh well. Maybe I can somehow make that my ringtone.

Rachel is droning on at Ryan about how she "used" to be on these Challenges. Oh, is there anything sadder in the world? No. Her thesis this year is that it's not about alliances, but rather deep, deep relationships. Like the shoulder-shrugger of a relationship she has with Jenn?

Dinnertime. Ryan's portion of fish has gone missing. JaBrohanna tells him that it was Robin that took it. Come on, you've seen that lady's chest. She's eating for at least two! Johanna is draped all over Kenny. Robin comes over and they all start getting into it, despite Kenny's best attempts to smack Johanna across the face to shut her up. Ah, Jersey Boys. Things get screechy (well, screechy on Johanna's part and practically infrasonic on Robin's) so I can't really tell what's going on, just that Johanna wants to know what Robin's problem with her is. Oh, please do tell.

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