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Getting Better All the Time

Previously on the Challenge: Jisela was upset with the Wicks for voting off their strongest competition, and vowed to get rid of them. Coral said that Stephen was weird. Stephen came out (no, not that way) of his room naked for no apparent reason. Lindsay told Miami Mike and London Mike that Stephen is a good person who has anger issues. Keep telling yourself that, Lindsay. The hurricane hit. The wind blew the trees around a lot.

After the hurricane blows through, the town is devastated. A bunch of the contestants check out their walkway, which no longer exists. In an interview, Piggy explains that their sewage pipes are now just emptying onto the ground. Nice. The beach has been completely washed away. This puzzles Lindsay. In an interview, Piggy says that they don't have power at night and are just "without creature comforts."

Sharon tells Coral how much she loves her own mother. In an interview, Kelley says that the hurricane changed everything, and made the vibe much more positive and brought everyone together. At least on the RW side.

In an interview, Sean says that the RW group sat down and discussed who should be the next team to be eliminated. Sean and Norm came up with the idea of splitting the prize money equitably and then just voting off the weakest players. I'm assuming that he means the team with the lowest score in that competition, not some subjective judgment of which team is weakest. This isn't figure skating. Lindsay checks out a piece of paper where Sean has written down the cash payouts for each team. Basically, the top three teams get the most, but all of the other remaining teams get cash, too. In an interview, Sean explains that if his group had used the same elimination philosophy that the RR side did, Sean and Elka would be gone right now. The RW team does a little cheer to celebrate their agreement on this deal.

Stephen suggests that they all sign the piece of paper. No one seems to think that is necessary. Becky asks why Stephen thinks that they need to do it. Stephen says he's been stabbed in the back before. I can understand where he's coming from, but they did get the agreement on videotape, and if Sean the lawyer isn't worried about it, I wouldn't be worried about it, either. In an interview, Stephen says that he trusts people, but that he wants it in writing. In an interview, Sean says that they are going to vote off the person with the lowest score, even though there are people that no one likes. Sean concludes, "And to be honest, it''s Stephen." As he says this, and I swear this is true, Stephen's head pops up behind Sean's back, as he peeks over a wall to see what is going on. It's unclear whether he heard what Sean was saying, but how creepy is that? It scared the crap out of me. Granted, it kind of looked like Stephen didn't know that Sean was doing an interview, as he sheepishly grinned and ducked down when he saw the camera. But why is he creeping around like that in the first place? In an interview, Lindsay says that Stephen is a tough character. In an interview, Danny says that part of it is the "whole slapping episode." In an interview, Lindsay says that Stephen is a good person, but to get to the good, you have to cut through aggression, frustration, bitterness, and some anger. Why is Lindsay making so many excuses for Stephen? I know she doesn't want to be voted off yet, but we, the viewers, can't help her out there, and she's saying all of this stuff in interviews.

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