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Gauntlet III Episode 2

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Gauntlet III Episode 2

Previously on Shut Up, CT: Everyone arrived in Mexico; people paired off drunkenly; the Vets won the first Challenge, and Alex went home; CT was an ass.

Credits. What's with making TJ up to look like a zombie? Uh..."more like a zombie"?

Downtime at the house. Nehemiah interviews that Beth has been following him around like a "sick little puppy dog" (more like "Old Yeller," but okay), and he's trying to avoid her. The two of them sit on the couch, Beth beaming at him inappropriately as he explains that he watched the Duel and saw all the shit she talked to make people think they hooked up, and he doesn't appreciate it. With good reason. As Beth lies that she did nothing of the kind, Adam, Kenny, and Evan watch disapprovingly; Evan is literally sucking his teeth all "oh no you di'in't." Hee. Then the editors air footage of Beth saying exactly the things Nehemiah said she did. Nehemiah: She's gross, I wouldn't let her do my chores even. Nehemiah has to explain to her that, even if she didn't explicitly say that they hooked up, she implied it, and she needs to quit it. He refers to her "witch laugh" and gets a hearty round of applause for dissing from the guys (plus Rachel, who's sitting nearby). Beth interviews that Nehemiah is trying to hurt her any way he can -- like he'd bother -- while, in person, he tells her it's not cool for her to follow him around and "do creepy things," and it needs to stop, "right now." Beth tries to make a whatever face, but she's stung.

Angel and...someone? Tori? Talk about how this Challenge is dumb because it benefits you to appear weak; that way, you can stay longer. Angel interviews again that it's to her advantage that blah blah frail strategy fight to stay blah.

The clue arrives, containing a pun on "getting screwed." Nehemiah interviews about how it's a girls' Gauntlet day, and he doesn't want any of his friends to go home, but especially not Angel, with whom he appears to be forging a love-ish connection in the hammock.

Tori interviews about how some of the Rookies sneak off to strategize with the Vets, and she wants everyone to "stop bein' shady" and concentrate on winning. Frank, meanwhile, interviews that you need to align yourself with someone in power on the Veteran team. He finishes this thought over footage of himself hugging CT, whose hair is so gas-giant huge that several other, smaller hairstyles are orbiting it.

Challenge time. It takes TJ only slightly less time to explain it than it would have to read the collected works of Charles Dickens out loud, but the gist is: obstacle course; three giant bolts with giant wingnuts; pairs of Challengers run through the course and unscrew all the wingnuts on the way to the finish line, it was the best of times and the worst of times, et cetera and so on. One guy needs to compete twice for the Rookies since they're down a man; winners are safe from the Gauntlet, and get a free Zune. Jillian: This is intense. Ev: I'm a threat.

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