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End Game

No "previously" on this week, as we are dropped right into the "action." The action consists of some cars driving down the street, then the entire cast walking into a restaurant. Kat tells us that "they decided" (meaning the production crew decided) that everyone should go out to dinner together before their final mission. They also "decided" to play the questions game, where they all write anonymous questions and put them in a box, and then answer them. I'm so sure the cast came up with this one all by themselves. I know whenever I go out to dinner with a group of friends, this is what inevitably happens. Heather mixes up the questions and Holly pulls out the first one. This question is directed towards Yes, and it is, "How big is your johnson?" Yes looks disturbed at first and everyone laughs. Eventually, he joins in the laughter and stands up and unbuttons his pants, as if to whip it out. Everyone laughs really hard, and I think they have had a little too much wine. He never does whip it out, or answer the question, unless that happened off-camera. David looks relieved, as his title as owner of the biggest johnson remains intact.

Los-er picks next and reads his question for Dan with no inflection in his voice whatsoever: "Dan, if you could go out with any girl on this trip, who would it be?" While Dan looks uncomfortable, Mike pipes up, "You know what I like best about Christmas is the holly." Holly giggles and blushes, like she didn't write the question in the first place. One of the guys says, "The question is, forget about the fact that you have a beautiful girlfriend..." and Dan retorts, "The question is, I'm not even touching it." Someone makes a disappointed, "Aw!" sound but others around the table clap. Holly downs a whole glass of wine in one gulp, practically. Teck says that Dan is a good guy, but he has a girlfriend back in Minnesota, and he really does like Holly but "his situation won't let him be with her the way he might want to be." Hmm, that quote sounds awful familiar. Oh, that's right, it's because they used the same exact clip (minus the first part) on another episode. Good thing it's the end of the season or else they might have to use it again!

Piggy picks the next question, and it's directed towards Veronica. She reads, "If you could be Amaya for a day, would you?" Everyone laughs and someone says, "Check, please!" Veronica yells, "Definitely not, no offense baby..." and Annoying interrupts, "That's because I'm so too cool." Veronica continues, "No, because you prance around with a crown on your head, and you don't even fit it." Lest you think Veronica was speaking metaphorically, both Annoying and Piggy are wearing tiaras tonight. I have to say, of all the ways someone could have shut Annoying down, that was about the lamest. Yes tells us that Veronica sometimes protects herself by being bitchy and pushing people away, but he thinks sometimes she's better off just being real. Yes has the next question for Annoying: "Who do you think would win in the wrestling match between you and me?" What a missed opportunity. They totally should have asked who would win in the wrestling match between Annoying and Veronica.

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