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I liked it better when CT just punched cacti.

CT gets loaded into a truck, growling at Diem -- who is standing a good distance away from him in some bushes -- "yeah, career first." Like I would love to see the domino chain in his fucking primate mind that goes from Diem's wanting a career to CT nearly murdering someone with his bare hands on television. Adam also gets ejected, because he swung at CT, too. Landon accompanies Adam, wearing a green leotard. I mean, what am I supposed to do with all this?

Next morning. THIS HAS ALL BEEN ONE DAY? Diem is sad in a weird abused way that CT is gone. Shauvon now swears that she didn't fuck CT and it was all a rumor. Ryan is all ears for this one, commiserating with her over how she's being victimized by her "fun, blonde, big-breasted image." RYAN, DON'T BE FOOLED. This is what happened to me, I was all like, "This girl is ridic. Love her!" And then her boyfriend called her on the phone and told her to come home from Australia and she did. FAIL.

Evan and Paula strategize, which seems so sweet and innocent in comparison to that Helter Skelter Laurel Canyon shit. And it's finally Challenge time. Where Teej presents them with two new cast members to replace CT and Adam. The new guys have their backs to us, and I can't tell you how much I want it to be CT and Adam again, just wearing fake moustaches. They turn around, everyone freaks out and...

Commercials. It's MJ and Nehemiah. MJ subs in again! And once again gives us the song and dance about needing the money for his baby girl. Whatever, Nebraska.

Challenge. They need to split into two teams of girls, two teams of boys, and then basically play single-sex rugby. One guy and one girl need to sit out the game, and those people will be safe from the Duel later. They pick randomly, and it's Paula and Brad that get to sit out.

Game on. The girls go for it -- lots of clotheslining -- and then the boys as well. Two teams advance and now it gets really math-y. The sitting out person needs to tackle someone, and the person they tackle will now be on the sitting out person's team and then two and two and four and four and KILL ME NOW.

Who the hell is Brittini?

Girls Phase 2. One by one girls get tackled, and the girls that are left decide on the fly to let Robin win because, as Jenn interviews, "Robin is easiest to convince." The boys go. Ryan interviews that Brad has the choice of tackling any of them. I'll bet he does!

Commercials. The boys are still playing. Mark interviews that Big Easy is going to need a few guys to take him down, he's "like a wild rhinoceros, you can't take him down with one blow dart." Well, it's not like MTV has ANY blow darts, Mark, is what I think we just learned in that CT experience. In the end, Evan wins.

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