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Dummy Kong

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Dummy Kong

CT overhears Adam talking to Diem. CT is wearing a t-shirt that says "RIOT" on it. Nice foreshadowing there! Katie finally tells Diem in the bathroom, and Diem confronts CT, continuing to be concerned about "looking stupid" but not realizing that she is wearing a fur bra and fur miniskirt. CT yells at her in this voice that is so drunk and raspy that it pretty much sounds like Stephen Hawking.

CT finds Adam (there's like ten people crowded into this tiny bedroom full of bunk beds, and the whole thing is very Das Boot but except for soldiers in a submarine everyone here is wearing fright wigs and footie pajamas.) CT literally hen pecks his head toward Adam and they do that weird straight man dance of not hitting one another for a while until CT just rears back and punches the shit out of Adam.

So now what? They're going to put CT back on the streets where he might actually kill a real citizen?

Commercials. We come back and a single punch has turned into a full-on fight. Five guys are trying to hold CT back but can't, Adam pops back up and throws a punch, which actually lands on Dunbar's face. Evan interviews that there's blood everywhere and then also there appear to be producers! Evan (who is wearing black leggings) drags Adam outside where Adam trips along with his footie pajamas around his ankles. Somehow, between the world of hip-hop and the world of the Challenge, Adam never gets any respect.

But inside, though four guys -- including Isaac, wearing overalls without a shirt (like, there's so much crazy shit going on in this episode, there's not even time to mention Isaac in his stupid overalls) -- have circled around him, no one can get CT under control. He starts King Konging around and busts up the wall behind him -- like seriously busts a huge hole in the wall -- before everyone trying to restrain CT just lets him go. INCLUDING PRODUCTION. Outside in the paved parking lot area, CT goes after Adam, throws off two producers attempting to restrain him, and throws Adam against a brick wall.

WHERE IS THE TRANQUILIZER GUN? Seriously. This is really awful and gross. CT is about to kill Adam. On national television. This whole time, CT is growling in his Emphysema Voice and Evan interviews that nobody can control a 240 pound madman. Who is apparently not only on steroids but also meth? Meanwhile, Diem is doing her best Sean Penn in Mystic River screaming for CT, sure that if he could just see her, he'd calm down and interviewing in tears that it's all her fault anyway because he saw her talking to Adam. Oh my good lord. This girl survived cancer to become an abused woman? This is awful.

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