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Dummy Kong

Shauvon tries to come on my screen to say something but I smack her away. You are dead to me, Shauvon!

Credits. Oh. My. God. The credits. Hmmmm, how to explain? How to explain to subsequent generations what it means that the contestants on the RW/RR Challenge were arranged into a triangle and taught a (presumably) traditional aboriginal dance and chant? And dared to do all this WITHOUT THE MIZ?

Queenstown, New Zealand. They're set up in a fairly sweet-looking modern house. They run around, claim beds, piss on whatever corner they want to claim as their own "piss corner," et cetera. Ryan has brought footie pajamas. Wait, actually, they've ALL got footie pajamas?

Paula is a horn dog already, Robin is smooching on Rando Nick already, Shauvon's breasts are already a topic of conversation. Shauvon is single and looking to have fun.

Hot tub!! Ryan and Davis are sucking face, except there's this annoying thing that keeps getting in between them. Like, literally, shoving itself in between them. Guess what it is? It's BROOKE!!! Fucking crazy Brooke. I love this girl and how confused she is over how to be a fag hag. Ryan and Davis finally get away from her and into the bed.

CT is making a "meat and egg white omelette." I really love the absurdity of that food item. Diem interviews that she and CT used to have a really great relationship until she saw it played back to her on TV. And then we have a wonderful flashback to CT, dressed as Antonio Banderas, about to punch a cactus, telling Diem that he's been "doing his time" with her. So, she really took a stand with him: she told him, maybe in five years we'll get married. "Career first" she told him.

Robin and some other girls hear some noises. They don't know what it is. The noises go like this: "Uhhh! Uhhh! Yes! Yes!" What could that be? It's someone having sex! Cut outside to Shauvon running through the dark yard pulling her pants up followed by....CT! Seriously? Shauvon?

Shauvon and her boobs flop around a bit inside. Robin tries to get CT to confess, and interviews about wanting to tell Diem, who we see is talking with Aneesa in the kitchen and Aneesa is apparently wearing a Davy Crockett pelt on top of her head.

Commercials. Dress up time! It's Kim's birthday and everyone is wearing dumb costumes and dancing around at the saddest, most fluorescently-lit birthday party ever. Diem asks Adam if the rumor about CT and Shauvon is true. Because "I don't want to look dumb." Cut to Diem with porn hair and a fur bra talking with Adam, a full-grown man wearing playing-card footie pajamas.

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