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Dummy Kong
When are they just going to give up and start filming this show inside a prison?

Okay. New Zealand regrets the day it ever let Peter Jackson through customs, because now look what the U.S. has dragged in: Kimberly. Ugh. She's worried about being voted off because she's a rookie. Then, Mark. Mark? Dude, you retired! Calling bullshit on you right now. You don't see Timmy coming out of retirement do you? No. Because Timmy is a GOD.

Paula complains about getting screwed over on The Island. She's still pissed.


I'm sorry, I'm just really excited about old butthole lips. Apparently he's engaged to Tori, a romance that blossomed under my very eyes but I have completely forgotten about. So they're both there. Rachel acknowledges that the thing between her and Jenn was totally just some Panamanian Lesbian Mania.

Evan doesn't know HOW they've done it! Evan is like a salesman of stupidity. He marvels that this time around, every big dude that's ever been on the show is back looking bigger than ever.

Big Easy continues to NOT be dead. All he remembers from his last Challenge is "waking up in a Spanish hospital." Whoa. That must have been serious. They airlifted his fat body out of Mexico all the way to Spain?


RUUUUTHHIIIEE! RUUUTTHH...oh. Actually I always get super psyched over Ruthie but then she's always just kind of lame. Damn that Hawaiian intervention!

TEEJ! Framed against the bright blue sky, TJ Lavin is looking like God. Or at least, the closest thing these people will ever come to God. Some guy named Nick explains that this structure that they're standing in -- let's call it a "palapa" for now-- that's perched on the edge of a mountain reminds him of a battle warfield. That is, if a battle warfield were a 15 foot wide jenky faux-wood structure. Who is this Nick anyway? I seriously don't remember him from anything right now.

The rules. I AM SO CONFUSED. I have almost completed my doctoral degree, you guys. I CANNOT FOLLOW THESE RULES. There's a challenge, and each time, one guy and one girl wins, and they each pick another person who picks another person until at the end there's one guy and one girl left? And then those two people go into the duel? So basically, it's a popularity contest. Nice to see some things don't change. The point is, they are all in the Challenge alone, no teams. At the end there's six players, competing in one epic challenge. First place wins $100,000, second wins $35,000 and third places wins $15,000. Where'd they get all this money this time?

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