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Scraps Fighting Over Scraps

Dunbar is sad. Everyone laughs. It's like his 11th birthday party all over again. Brittini interviews about how weird it is that he's so heartbroken, since he and Kimberly have only gotten close the past few days. Haaaa!

Next day, Derek talks with Paula about how he's realizing that he's going to have to go into the Duel every single time unless he wins the Challenges. Dunbar tells Paula, who is lying in bed, that if she doesn't start being a better friend, he's not going to talk to her. She laughs at him. There is something SO creepy about Dunbar's "be my friend" thing. He gets angry, says he wants to punch a pillow, but then shouts that he's going to GO WRITE. His anger management counselor would be so proud. Outside, he writes in his journal and feels lonely.

Next week: is Evan going to die in a wedgie machine?

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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