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Boy's Duel. They're doing the thing where they have to climb a pole on opposite sides, able to knock one another off. So Big Easy's strategy is to basically just shoulder-check Derek off the pole repeatedly. Every time Derek gets on, Eric knocks him off. Finally, Derek knocks Eric off a bit and tries to quickly shimmy up the pole. Derek interviews that he can't lose to Big Easy in this Duel: "It'd be the worst athletic mistake of my life." Wow. I'd like to hear about other folks' "worst athletic mistakes." What would mine be? When I tried out that weird machine at the gym the other day and it was making my legs do this crazy motion and I couldn't get the hang of it and sort of fell off? Contemplate your own while we go to commercials.

After commercials, they're at a standstill, because they're both on the ground unwilling to start climbing because the other will knock him off. Finally, Derek gets up on that pole and starts shimmying up. Eric stays below and starts trying to grab at his ankles. It's like the Mouth of Sarlaac. On the sidelines, Kimberly is going nuts cheering Derek on. Brittini interviews that she's like a psychotic soccer mom. Derek quickly gets to the top and now I guess Big Easy has to revise his ontological statement. "I'm Big Easy, I do what I wanna do. I love doing BLANK and I love to have fun." (Can you guys tell that I love that line?)

Sad times! Big E is going away. Landon has some sweet words to say. "He's an even bigger presence than [pause] he is physically." It's like he knew he couldn't say anything else once he said "bigger presence" but also he knew that probably he shouldn't.

Girl's duel. They're doing that Push It challenge where they just try to knock one another off a platform. MJ wants Kim to stay. She's positive and fun to be around, whereas Jenn has a lot of "rough, tough, 'don't know whether I'm a lesbian or straight' energy going on." Cram it, Nebraska. If there's one thing these Challenges teach us it's that there's no energy like sublimated sexual identity energy (see: Landon, Bananas). Kim interviews that she just needs to find something to get pissed off about and then push her off. I guess a sorority girl like Kim is actually not someone you want to go against in a bitchslappy challenge like this one. There's a lot of pent-up grosgrain rage there.

Commercials. They lay into each other, and Jenn pretty much knocks her right off. Paula interviews that Kim looks terrified. They go again, and after a little more scrambling, Jenn wins. Isn't it sad when you get a brief audio of one of those wins? The person who just got all amped up and rageful and won sort of whoops, but it always sounds all small and quiet because nobody really cares or is doing much cheering on the sidelines. Rachel interviews that Jenn just "manhandled" Kimberly. Rachel is clearly turned on by this. And, let's face it, so am I, a little.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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