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Teej turns away from his spliff to tell the players that he loved this Challenge. In a perfect monotone: "That was one of my all-time favorites, fer sure." Landon and Brittini win.

Back at the house, Landon and Brittini don't want to make these lists anymore. So they decide they won't. Later that night Paula lurks around outside noticing Dunbar out in the woods. Dunbar does a ridiculous dance across the patio and then Kimberly follows him. Paula is wearing Six Flags Old Guy eyeglasses. She says she's going to call Dunbar's girlfriend, Julie. Inside, Kimberly insists nothing happened. She interviews that they kissed. Paula interviews that it's in her interest now to get rid of Kimberly; she's distracting Dunbar.

Commercials. Paranoia time. Big Easy is worried. Brad interviews and furrows. Brad, please never get Botox.

MJ and Mark send Paula in to investigate what's going on in the other room. It's Kim and Dunbar under some covers together. Kimberly interviews that she just likes snuggling with a big man because it makes her feel comforted. Just like Daddy? Sheesh, you Southerners. Paula interviews that "hell no" she's not jealous of Dunbar and Kimberly. Then cut to a shot of her in the bathroom crying about them snuggling.

Kickball Team time. We end up with Dunbar and Paula, Kimberly and Derek. Dunbar gets picked, so Derek's going into the Duel. Derek respects the natural order, realizing that some of these people have done six or seven Challenges, and this is only his second and he has to pay his dues. Well, it's good to know that at least SOME of today's youth have their heads on straight! Now it's Dunbar's turn to pick, and he can't decide between Kimberly, who is his only "friend" in the house, and Paula, who is his partner, but is really mean to him. Paula says that she can't believe he's hesitating and that if he picks Kim, she's literally going to freak out and kill him. The suspense is too great. Will it turn out that Paula has used the word "literally" correctly?

Commercials. Dunbar picks Paula. Now we'll never know if Paula literally understands the literal meaning of "literally." Derek picks Big Easy to go against. Kimberly picks Jenn.

Various convos back at the house. Landon tries to advise Big Easy. Big Easy is like "Dude, did you not HEAR my ontological statement? I'm Big Easy, I do what I want to do." Rachel will be sad if her girl Jenn leaves. Dunbar tells Kimberly to get mad. He wants her to "get grrrr." Kim does a sad little "grrr."

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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