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Commercials. Back at the house, Paula is still "real life upset." Dunbar makes Paula look him in the eye and calms her down. So I guess the whole thing between them is just this game "partnership"? I don't get any of these "partner" things. Did they all just drift into them? Whatever. Dunbar assures her that he has her back as her Duel partner. Clearly, Paula has been totally damaged by Kenny.

Derek and Kimberly talk. Derek thinks the only thing that keeps them sane is doing the Challenges and going around and seeing the country that they're in. Curiosity? About the world? Exhibited by a Dueler? Derek interviews that he thinks his time has probably come and will be going home soon. Phew. Can't have any of that "curiosity" stuff going around in the house.

Challenge. It's a height thing again. There's a rope-ish ladder hanging over the river, and they have to climb it as fast as possible, to get to the top to hoist a US Army flag. As you get higher on the ladder, the rungs get further apart, so it gets more difficult. Mark and Rachel figure out who's going first; they pick Derek and Kim to do the initial run, which sucks for them because they won't be able to see other people's strategies.

Teej and the Airhorn. How I would like to write a novel with that title. Anyhow: he sounds it. It looks really hard, and Kim nearly freaks out over the heights, but they figure it out, helping each other to climb the rungs as they get further apart. Dunbar and Paula go next, Paula is nervous. They're on the rungs, Paula is stepping all over Dunbar to hoist herself up onto the rungs. Dunbar interviews that Paula is not a strong competitor. They get to the top and Paula exclaims, "Dunbar, I'm in love with you!" Geez. Somehow Paula is managing to combine the absurdist hatefulness of Spencer Pratt with the clinginess of Heidi Montag into one insane ball of psychic issues.

Aneesa and MJ get disqualified for taking too long. Wonder whose fault that was. Easy somehow thinks that he can ROLL his way up the ladder. It doesn't work too well. At some point, he straddles a rung and exclaims that he thinks that he just crushed a nut. He sort of looks contemplative. Jenn asks if he's okay. He nods his head, "Yeah. I think I crushed a nut." You know, he's Big Easy. He does what he does. He loves Challenges, and he loves havin' fun. They get disqualified. Evan and Diem, Diem again freaking out.

Commercials. Evan interviews about how he got this crying baby all the way to the top of the ladder. Shot of Diem literally clinging to Evan like they're riding a motorcycle, except they're straddling a rung hundreds of feet in the air. Brad and Tori go and do great, powered by their love. MJ interviews he can't imagine anyone doing better than them. Landon and Brittini go and kick even more ass, because Landon was helped along by those angel wings sprouting out of his ass. Mark and Rachel are extremely ungraceful and set to overly enunciative music in trying to beat Landon and Brittini's time.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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