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Scraps Fighting Over Scraps

This week's episode is titled "Dueling for Dunbar." I guess Gramps is making a surprise visit? (I will go to hell for all these Dunbar incest jokes).

We open on Paula and Dunbar arguing. Paula: "You're a RE-tard." Then Paula, laughing. Evan interviews that all they do is fight and scream and then cuddle and make up. Cut back to Paula and Dunbar, now Paula is telling Dunbar that everyone hates him. Dunbar is like "Why are you saying these things?" Paula interviews that getting Dunbar so mad makes her laugh, it's like poking a monster on a chain with a stick. Oh, Paula I wouldn't put so much stock in the quality of the chain MTV's provided.

Back to Paula telling Dunbar about how much everyone hates him. Dunbar tells her he's not going to be her friend anymore. Paula goes stalking across the patio toward the house, wearing sunglasses (it's night) blustering "I don't care. I. Don't. Care." Man, you don't even have to squint to make Paula look exactly like Tonya in this situation. Except Tonya at least has an honest job at Pizza Hut. Dunbar interviews about how hard it is having a stable relationship with Paula.

Cut over to Dunbar and Kim holed up behind a hedge talking about how crazy Paula is. You know Paula is a shitstorm if you're seeking harbor in Kimberly. Dunbar and Kimberly both interview about how they really like the other. Back in the house, Aneesa has apparently decided, since she has a Davy Crockett hat for hair, that she's been appointed Poon Tracker. She thinks Dunbar and Kimberly have been doing it.

Over in one of the bedrooms, the girls are giving Evan a facial and plucking Easy's eyebrows. Easy interviews that they have to learn how to make their own fun in the house. Actually, all the guys in the room have skin masks on their faces. Easy gets up and does some lame mime movements. Then he comes on in an interview and sets us all straight: "I'm the Big Easy. I do what Big Easy does. I like being on Challenges, and I like having fun." Uh, okay? Nobody was really doubting any of that (your ontological status, your love for challenges and for fun), but please do continue to keep the record straight.

Back to Dunbar and Paula. Dunbar insists to Paula that he hasn't hooked up with Kim. Kim comes over, grabbing her own boobs with both hands and shoving them into one another, and assures Paula they've never hooked up. Dunbar interviews that he and Paula haven't "done anything yet" but Paula keeps begging for it. Okay, how is it that whenever Dunbar gets involved everything gets all gothic and weird and "A Rose for Miss Emily"-ish? He hasn't even slept with Paula? But is fielding all this weirdness from her? Meanwhile, Paula is telling Dunbar that she's "in my real life upset." YOU GUYS WE ARE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Seriously. Truman has figured it all out. Hal has become self-aware. The monkeys are rising up. THE DUELERS HAVE BEGUN DISTINGUISHING THEIR REAL LIVES FROM THE SHOW.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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