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The girls go next. This is the one where they need to grapple and try to grab a hook off the back of their opponent. They start and Ruthie gets into her stance and starts staring Kimberly down. Eric interviews that Ruthie looks like she's out for blood and Kimberly looks like a scared kitten. Cut to Kimberly in the ring, just sort of looking off to the side, like my dog does when he wants to pretend that he doesn't exist. They start grappling, everyone interviews about what a better fight Kimberly is putting up than they expected. They both end up on the ground, Ruthie gets Kimberly's hook, but then Kimberly gets Ruthie's -- because they're both just sort of sitting there? Kind of still?-- and since they're near Kimberly's side, she can get the hook on her ring faster than Ruthie can. So Kimberly gets a point.

Commercials. They start again. Evan interviews that Kimberly looks like a "show cat" and Ruthie a "deranged monkey." Helpful as always, Evan. This time goes just like the first time, Kim draws Ruthie to her side of the ring and ends up getting the hook off Ruthie first. Kimberly wins. I am fighting with every fibre in my being any positive feelings toward Kimberly, but I have to admit she looks admirably mortified to have had to do what she just did as Teej congratulates her and sends her back to the team. I appreciate her ability to be embarrassed by this whole thing.

Ruthie says her goodbyes. She interviews that she's kind of relieved to not go back into that house. Back in the house, Kimberly is very proud of herself. Aneesa is happy because she doesn't need to explain anything to Ruthie now. Outside, the guys can't believe that Ruthie lost to Kimberly. "It just goes to show anyone can go at any time" blah blah blah. Evan shills about how if you thought it was bloody and perverse before, well NOW the Duel has begun. Evan, no one is buying what you are selling. Now, what Katie is ("was," sniff) selling? I'll buy that shit by the dozen.

Oh, god. Over on The Ballad of Brad and Tori. They're still "processing." Tori thinks Brad should know that girls play the game more on emotions. The best part about this is that Tori has some kind of skin mask slathered over her face. So it's hard to take her totally seriously when she chokes up a bit to Brad, telling him that she didn't think she was playing for herself, she thought she was playing for him, because she thought they were on, sniff, the same team. She sobs a bit as she tells him that she made a mistake and that when he asked her to marry him and said he'd stand by her through everything and this is just a game and and and. Cut over to Brad who may as well have a speech bubble full of question marks coming out of his head. He tells her that everything is fine, she just needs to tell him what she wants to do from here on out. Tori is off the handle a bit and she cries that she just wants to do whatever it takes to stay there with him. Or, you know, she'll get on a plane and go home if he wants that, too. Brad: More question marks. Oh, Venus and Mars. Tori collapses her face-masked face into his lap and he tells her that he doesn't care about the game, just her. Brad interviews that they are opposites but they complete each other. He doesn't want anything to come between Tori guessed it: "and myself." Tori sobs that she just loves him so much. Brad pauses and then mutters, "Me, too."

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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