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The Friend Evaluator

Outside with MJ, Brad vents and makes me love him forever. He says that Tori's all like "he's your friend, and he's not your friend" and Brad is just like "What are you, a friend evaluator now?" Oooh, that would have been a major burn if he had said that to her. Talk about a "jerk store" line. "What are you, a friend evaluator?" Brad continues, heatedly telling MJ that he just thinks she's blowing their chances at all this money. "I'm not bein' mean, I'm frustrated!" MJ tells him to agree to disagree with her, and they fist bump with the easiness of dumb men.

They all gather in the front yard for their Kickball Team picking. It goes smoothly, until we get to Tori, who ultimately caves and picks MJ like Brad and everyone told her to. But then Aneesa picks Eric, when she had told Ruthie she'd pick Isaac. Aneesa interviews to explain to us how this could have happened: "People told me to pick Easy and I was like, 'okay!'"

In the end, we're left with Isaac and Ruthie. Ruthie picks Kimberly. Isaac picks Landon. Landon interviews that he doesn't know why Isaac would pick him. Isaac explains: it's about the toenails. He grew them out for six (now it's six) months! Flashback again to Landon clipping his toenails, and, fine, I'm worn down now. I admit: I chuckled at Isaac's stupid hamming. They pick their games. The girls will play "Back Off"-- one of the many tugging games there are. Isaac picks "Spot on"-- the puzzle, climbing thing.

Kimberly is sure she's going home. America agrees. Ruthie realizes that the "whole pack" is against her now, and she needs to make sure to win. Landon still doesn't understand, dontchaknow? And Isaac frightens me a bit by going overboard with the shit talk about taking down the first BLEEP he sees every BLEEPIN' day, "bitch."

Commercials. The boys are going first. Landon thinks the competition is 50/50. Evan interviews that Landon is his biggest threat, so if Isaac can pull off the upset of the century, that's great for him. Why would Isaac winning be an "upset" exactly? They seem like the same size and same jockiness. I apparently am missing some slight distinction that these connoisseurs are able to appreciate. They start. They're neck in neck. Jenn interviews that Isaac is quicker than she thought he'd be. Oh, goodbye Isaac.

Landon interviews that he is totally focused on himself! His puzzle! His wall! And, then, Isaac loses. He says his goodbyes and interviews that Landon earned the victory. He's an amazing athlete, and he can compete "at this level and beyond." Isaac says he'll come back in a year and a half "looking like Landon." Yes, after some steroids and Build-a-Bear Workshops.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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