Real World - Road Rules Challenge
Duelers on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

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Kimberly is nervous about being called out. Isaac is, too. Kimberly hopes someone might call Brittini out, because she's a rookie and has a good partner, Landon. Flash back to the ice block challenge: grainy footage of Landon, wide-open expectant grin on his face as he splays out on the ice in a speedo and nothing else. It's like footage from one of Scott Hamilton's dreams. Isaac gets back on the stupid toenail subject WHICH I REFUSE TO RECAP.

Mark and Rachel decide to start with Landon to ensure most of their people stay safe. Rachel and Brittini and Ruthie talk. Rachel says she and Mark are just letting the list play itself out. Ruthie thinks she's lying because she keeps saying "you know." Then a bunch of nonsense about "playing the game" and scheming. Rachel interviews that Ruthie is her biggest competition and she's not looking out for her.

More interminable talking about "the game." Evan interview-- dude what is UP with the Arafat scarves reduplicating around everyone's necks? I do love how silly and small the scarf looks around Evan's fat non-hipster neck, though. Cut to an interview with Brittini who apparently really needs to win the Challenge because she's obviously been cutting her own bangs by putting a bowl over her head to save cash. What are they saying in these interviews you ask? Who cares, I answer.

Tori and Brad are arguing. She points out that his "friends" are always telling him who to pick. Brad thinks she's being disrespectful, and that furthermore, she needs to respect the list! He interviews that when you really do the math there, it comes down to scratching other people's backs so they'll scratch yours. Somewhere in the next room Kimberly complains that she didn't know she was going to have to do math there. Brad tells Tori that she's not making any sense. Tori interviews that she doesn't want to keep with the list because that doesn't have any integrity. Back in the room, Brad starts raising his voice, and Tori school marmily reminds him to be respectful and keep his voice down. He doesn't know what she wants from him, and then yells "You want me to go in? I'll go in!" Tori marms that he's looking stupid now, and Brad tells her to get out of his room. She leaves, but makes sure to sweetly tell him that she loves him as she does. Man, that lady would drive anyone to.... uh, overserious, brow-furrowing interviewing? Because that's where Brad's driven to. He thinks that their argument is making them both check out of the game.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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