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Inside, everyone is telling "stories." Which apparently have been written down and go something like this: "Landon cut off Isaac's toenails and then skipped over the mountains. The End." Really, that was one of the stories. Is this why publishing is dying? Isaac interviews that he'd been growing out his toenails for four months and goes into this whole schtick about how evil it was for Landon to cut them.

Challenge. "Don't Let Go," on a bridge over a huge gorge. Teej explains the rules: guy/girl partners. One gets attached to a bungee rope/swing thing, the other stands on a platform. They have to hold onto one another's arms for as long as possible; when they lose their grip, the suspended person will go into a 200-foot free-fall swing. Longest time holding on to one another wins.

Commercials. Dunbar and Paula go first. Of course it's going to be the girls free-falling through all this. They hold on for a little while, then Paula slips out of Dunbar's grasp and goes free-falling down into the gorge. Everyone loses sight of her for a minute until she comes swinging out. It's pretty crazy. Paula interviews that you can't even scream during the free-fall part, it's so terrifying. Derek and Kimberly go next. If only the equipment would fail here. (It doesn't, though Kimberly does figure out a way to complain about something while being suspended over a 200-foot drop.) Jenn and Eric go and talk to each other kind of pornily while doing it-- "C'mon babe, yeah babe, that's right babe." Various other folks go. Diem and Evan go and Diem closes her eyes and nearly starts speaking in tongues to Evan to keep him from letting go of her.

Commercials. Evan interviews that he just gets sick of Diem's chicken calling so basically lets her go. The line forms to the left, ladies. Mark and Rachel go, and of course Rachel has to make everyone else look like a dumbass. She points out that all the other girls were just hanging; she's using her own strength to help support her weight. They hang on for a long time. Everyone finishes up, Teej tells us that Mark and Rachel win. Mark celebrates by reminding us all how old he is and doing the Arsenio Hall call.

Back at the house, the jostling begins. Brad, Tori and Diem discuss. I literally have no idea what the issue is, but all of a sudden, Brad and Tori are disagreeing. Tori wants to make some sort of move, because she thinks being at "the bottom" lets you control the game. Brad doesn't want to make waves. Tori interviews that Brad is really trustworthy and nice. Brad bitches with Big Easy that he feels like he's playing "her game" right now, and sacrificing his own game. What happened to "our game," Brad? See, this is what happens when you get "marriage" and "The Challenge" mixed up in your mind. Brad interviews that he really hopes "Tori and myself can keep things together." Ever notice how often Brad refers to himself as "myself?" It's kind of fantastic.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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