Real World - Road Rules Challenge
Duelers on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

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I'm sure Almodovar really appreciates the shout-out.

So, this opening. Continues to numb and fascinate. Why is everyone moving so slowly in it? It's like they are operating in a fog of alcohol and a diet of bread sticks dipped in ranch. Oh, right.

Hey, it's Eric's birthday! He gets a cake brought to him in bed. At night. He and B-rad are both snoozing in their bunk bed when the whole house comes in with the cake. Ah, the disco nap. I haven't had one of those in far too long. Big Easy narrates that everyone better get their party hats on.

Party cam cuts to a sad house dance party. Jenn! He did not mention that everyone should don their dental dams! She is taking this miniature dance party entirely too seriously and sexily. Various hijinks ensue, including Aneesa giving Big Easy a lap dance in a very skimpy bikini, and Isaac getting in on the lap dance action in his tighty whities. Isaac interviews that this is his first challenge and he's having a great time. Oh, goodbye Isaac. I am sure you will be leaving us tonight now that you just said that.

(Also in there somewhere was footage of Paula and Dunbar snuggling. WHY GOD WHY?)

MJ pulls Isaac aside and assures him that the Meat Necks all really like Isaac, so he'll be sticking around a while. MJ notices Isaac swaying on his feet and tells the kid he's about to pass out. Cut to Isaac passed out in the chair. What comes next? Sharpie on the face, of course. And then Landon pulls out a real oldie but goodie: clipping the passed-out-drunk person's toenails. WHAT? Landon. You beguile me.

Meanwhile, Ruthie and Diem strew flower petals down the hallway to Brad and Tori's bed. The lovebirds discover the flower petals which provide Brad the opportunity to furrow his brow in an interview and declare how much he loves Tori (now that he's lived with her a month and proposed to her [a month?!]) and that it isn't his game or her game: "It's our game."

Dunbar and Paula indulge in their complete beside-the-pointness. Dunbar regrets giving MJ his bed in the Meat Neck room, because now he's not a part of all the conversations they have in there. Yeah. "Conversations." He bitches about how Isaac shouldn't be a part of the Meat Neck crew, and Paula assures him he isn't. Then they discuss Landon, who Dunbar declares is "weird." Dunbar's fearful labeling of everyone as "weird" is like just one of the many horrible personal traits he has.

Ruthie and Aneesa strategize outside. Ruthie is a wildcard, no one ever knows what she's thinking. Aneesa thinks Isaac is going to be in the bottom; Ruthie and Isaac are partners, so Ruthie gets worried. Aneesa interviews that the only thing she's looking out for is her "black ass." Somewhere, Tyrie shouts, "Hey, my black ass is the one that always talks about my black ass!"

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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