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"Pretty Brave and Amazing and Strong"
I love how inventive the titles for this season's episodes are. Just phrases with the word "duel" substituted for the word "do." I wonder if one episode will be called "Duel Duel."

So, sigh. Never have I wanted less to be in New Zealand than I do right now, watching these people performing this "ancient" "Maori" rugby dance during the credits.

Open on: SHOTS!! Eric interviews that they're just taking a quick breather. Coming up for vodka, from being submerged in beer, I suppose.

And, now this episode just took a real sharp right turn for unenthusiastic old me when BROOKE! All Brooke! All the time! Brooke runs around whooping and leaning over and showing her tits to people. Mark interviews that Brooke is great because she just likes the social atmosphere of the challenges. Then he says, "She likes to hang out with [air quotes] her friends." Brooke ends up on Evan's lap telling him that she really wants to stay this time, not like on the Gauntlet.

Then? She interviews that "it's pretty brave and amazing and strong of me to be here in the first place." Brooke has inner strength. To get through this life challenge. Brooke, please come live in a cage in my apartment. Gurl, you RULE.

Nehemiah tries to strategize with Davis. Davis is just glad someone is talking to him and not giving him purple nurples. Nehemiah and Davis want to do something to break up the Meat Patrol of Evan, Mark, and the other Necks. Paula thinks that Evan thinks he's playing the game well, but really he's just pissing everyone off, and she's worried that she's going down in the plane with him. Paula, please do not make me fantasize about fiery plane crashes and the Challenge.

Outside. Landon asks Evan to cut Paula off. Evan says they're friends; Brad thinks that's not enough to justify risking everyone else in the Neck Posse's money. Landon? Is drinking milk out of a wine glass. Landon is so clearly a serial killer. Just you wait. You heard it here first. Evan interviews that he's between a rock and a hard place since everyone else in the house is against Paula now.

Challenge. It's "All Shook Up." There are ropes suspended above a muddy pit. They get on, balancing on one rope, holding on to another, and then shake around trying to knock other people off. Brad notes that "the overall appearance of the mud is like toilet water." I will never get enough of Brad's wish-I-could-call-it-mock seriousness over these matters.

Commercials. Mark and Rachel get to choose the heats, because they won the last challenge. First heat: Aneesa, Kimberly, Brooke, and Diem. First to fall? Aneesa. Which really undoes a little bit of her badass reputation. Kimberly interviews that she's decided to let everyone else get tired trying to shake her off, and just stand there. It works -- Brooke and Diem end up getting DQ's and Kimberly wins. I have to confess. I feel a bit like I'm on a slippery slope when it comes to Kimberly. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME.

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