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We open on the girl's Duel, Shauvon versus Aneesa. It's a real headscratcher, this one. Who could possibly win? The minute Aneesa scratches Shauvon, Shauvon is going to screech and sputter and deflate like a popped balloon. Teej sounds the air horn and they lunge at one another. So the goal is to grab a hook from behind the other's back and then run that hook back to a ring on the side. Almost immediately, the hooks pop off each girl, but they leave them lying on the ground while they sort of grapple kind of slow and heavily, like they are a part of a dream I am having where everything is all sticky and I can't run very fast. MJ interviews that Aneesa and "boob girl" (oh, snap, Nebraska!) are just rolling around on the ground. Aneesa finally grabs a hook and runs it back -- she gets the first point. Aneesa suggests to Shauvon that she stop punching her in the face. Shauvon politely responds that perhaps Aneesa might want to refrain from choking her in the future. Tut, tut, ladies!

Isaac interviews creepily about how ready he is for "chick fights." The chick fight proceeds, and they are just full-on punching each other. Teej kind of wanders into the fighting ring and says "no punching," Aneesa grabs a hook and runs it back and she wins. Then there's a series of hilarious symbolic uses of Aneesa's t-shirt. First, Aneesa doffs her red shirt and throws it at Shauvon. Shauvon stomps on it. Then Aneesa grabs her shirt back and attempts to use it as a z-snapping kind of prop, turning on her heel and flamboyantly tossing the t-shirt over her shoulder like it's a coat and she's in a Beyonce video or something. Shauvon changes tune and tells Teej that Aneesa's a veteran and she deserves the win. Then she asks for hugs from the other contestants, but no one comes down to hug her. Ouch. Paula interviews that Shauvon shouldn't fuck other people's boyfriends.

Commercials. House, night. Ryan and Robin lie outside under a blanket and commiserate. Ryan says he's a scrapper and if he keeps being put into the Duel, he's going to start going after the "big guys." Inside, a bunch of girls notice them lying out there and start talking about how "psycho" Robin is. Rachel interviews that Robin "plays this game with a lot of paranoia." Like that's her strategy. Rachel thinks the last place you want to be with a lot of paranoia is on a Challenge. Rachel, each and every one of you is totally certifiable, so I don't get the DSM-IV bit here.

MJ, baby, college fund, blah blah blah. Braaaad taaaalks about straaategy to MJ. Girls talk incomprehensibly about what they're scared about doing in the next Challenge. Seriously, were the microphones supplied by Fisher Price this time? I can't understand any of them.

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