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Happy Ending

Commercials. Come back and BOOOOOOOOO. Katie loses. God, this is the WORST Duel ever. Robin? Ryan? Davis? Brooke? Katie? All gone?

Katie interviews that she's a sore loser. She's pissed, embarrassed and all that. She hugs it out and takes her leave. Later on, Evan rips Nehemiah' quote off the door. Flashback to Evan and the sheep.

Well, Evan can have his sheep, because the ladies know how to do it right. Rachel and Jenn are out on the lawn wrestling. Sexy wrestling. They saunter back into the house and we quickly cut to loudly miked heavy breathing and moaning. This is a special kind of sonar that calls all the perverted sea mammals over to the bedroom door to listen. So everyone is running around outside, trying to hear Rachel and Jenn have sex. Paula interviews that she's "curious. Bi-curious." Inside the bedroom, Rachel speaks entirely too earnestly to Jenn under the covers, telling her that this is all really special. Jenn tells Rachel that she loves her. To seal it, Challenge style, Paula busts in and jumps on top of the two young lovers. Rachel interviews sillily that Jenn is "so pretty and so hot" and Jenn interviews that when you like someone you like someone and pretty much something is slipping in somewhere. (I added that last part, but, dude, remember when she accidentally had sex with Alex in Denver?). They giggle and basically have a nice naked time. Happy endings all around! Sorry.

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Real World - Road Rules Challenge




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